What to Know if you Love Someone With High-Functioning Depression

Depression is a serious issue and way too many Americans struggle with this malicious disorder. Depression has become so common that many people have adapted to it and have lived with it for years.

Depression is nothing to play around with. It’s not a light term to describe sadness, sorrow, or upsetness. Depression is when all the motivation for anything has left you and it feels like you’ll never find joy in another thing again. It’s a dark alley that seems to never end, full of dark and scary monsters – and you can’t escape what’s in your head. Today, depression affects more than 15 million American adults. That is about 6.7 of the adult population of America. Chances are if you haven’t been depressed, you know someone who has.

Because of the rising cases and endless battles of depression, people are becoming adept to the feeling of nothingness. This is called high-functioning depression and it is a very serious issue. If someone suffers from high-functioning depression they are able to put on a realistic happy face, go on throughout their whole day, and be extremely depressed at the same time. This typically happens when someone has suffered from depression for so long, it is the only ‘norm’ they know. They even have a hard time deciding whether or not they are depressed. If you have a loved one that is highly functioning depressed person, the way you respond can literally make a life or death impact on them.

When people are highly functioning depressed, they do not even realize they are depressed anymore. Because they have spent such a mass amount of time feeling this way, they have engulfed themselves in a pit and they can’t get themselves out. They need the help of a loved one. If you know someone who suffers from this terrible affliction, you need to know these things.

High Functioning Depression Drains Energy – “I wish my fiancé understood that some days, I can’t turn my depression off. I can’t always just get out of bed immediately and take on the day like he does. I need to motivate and really push myself to do so, and it takes a great amount of effort.” ―Lindsey Diamond

Just Because they don’t Display Symptoms, Doesn’t Mean they Aren’t Suffering – this is often the worst stages of highly functioning depression. “I may seem happy and I am able to joke, but when I get home, the mask comes off and I cannot function beyond basic necessities … Everything is difficult.” ―Theresa Allen

It Gets in the Way of Parties – “[I want them to] stop demanding that I attend every party with them because they need to know I want some time alone.” ―Samra Suleman

Distractions Help Sometimes – “For me, it is having to be busy at all times. The point is to mentally exhaust myself so the bad thoughts don’t creep in as I lie in bed each night.” ―Katherine Deubner

It Isn’t Anyone’s Fault – “I wish he knew when I’m at my low points it’s no one’s fault. Sometimes I’m just sad, sometimes I just need to lay in bed, sometimes I need him to do what I normally do around the house.” ―Sandra Ringle

Highly functioning depression is a terrible thing to suffer with. It feels like the world is going on without you at a hundred miles per hour, and you’re stuck at 50. It feels like a scream for help with no voice. If you suffer from highly functioning depression, just know that you can achieve actual happiness and it just takes practice and time. You are not broken or alone.

An Affectionate gesture Makes a Huge Impact – “I just need to be held and then left alone for a while. What I’m feeling is as if I’m underwater and my lungs can’t get air.” ―Sandra Ringle

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