What You Need To Know About “Shadow People”

Shadow people, or shadow beings, are those mysterious dark patches that come in different shapes and forms. They’re sometimes seen as a black masses or dark human shapes, and can often be spotted from the corner of your eye.

Some of their salient features may include:

  • Wearing a hat
  • Donning an old-fashioned cloak
  • Aware of us when we see them
  • Usually male, but gender is largely undefined
  • The can phase through objects and walls
  • Mostly silent
  • They do not try to communicate
  • Tall — 6ft-7ft
  • Don’t have visible eyes
  • They have a certain 3D depth
  • Move at a fast pace

When they’re visible one usually notices a fog or mist, and the black mass starts to take shape of a person or animal without minute details like eyes or lips. If it continues manifesting, they tend to become a see-through apparition.

There are several types of shadow people out of which, here are a few:


Lingering shadow people

They’re usually lurking in our homes — mostly bedrooms. They do not communicate but they stand in the doorway or the edge of a room and watch and observe. They usually flee upon being detected or disappear around a corner. Often spotted in a cloak and hat, they mostly induce a feeling of fear when spotted. These shadow people are known to attach to an individual and follow them wherever they go.


Visiting shadow people

They linger around you too, but they’re not interested in what you’re doing. They do not wish to interact with us or observe us from a distance. They just float around doing their own thing.


Haunting shadow people

They are tied to a particular location and remain there for a long time. They are said to have an emotional bond with the place they are stationed at and they lurk around haunting these locations claiming ownership on most of it.


They’re one of the most difficult entities to understand but they all have some agenda or business being where they are. They’re either beings from surrounding dimensions or are souls that have failed to cross over and have become earthbound.


Here’s how one can get rid of a shadow person:

  • Pray till you feel relaxed enough to see a difference.
  • Let in some emotional harmony and make yourself more grounded and positive.
  • Conduct spiritual cleansing
  • Leave your lights on (as it disrupts their energy)



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