What You See First in This Image Will Explain Your Current Situation

Personality tests are always fascinating: if you’re satisfied with the results, they can seem insightful and revelatory, but if you’re unhappy with the results, they can seem shallow and meaningless. In truth—as is usually the case in life—the correct answer likely falls somewhere in between the two extremes. Please scrutinize the images below, remember distinctly what you see in the first picture, and continue reading to find out if there’s anything you might not know about your unique personality, life perspective, and state of mind.



The car.

If the first thing you see is a car, freedom is probably very important to you. What’s more, you likely enjoy moving through life at a speed that you determine yourself, and chances are that you also feel an urgent desire for things to turn out precisely the way you envision.

The man with binoculars.

If you first saw a man with binoculars, odds are that you prefer to look at the big picture in life and aren’t overly concerned with the specifics or idiosyncrasies. More specifically, you likely absorb information rapidly and become irritated when you’re forced to scrutinize something in-depth and repeatedly.

The letter A.

It’s rare for someone to see this first, but if you did, chances are that you’re used to seeing things that most other people don’t, can’t, or refuse to envision. With this in mind, it shouldn’t be surprising to learn that you are highly intuitive and excellent at deductive reasoning.



A girl.

If you saw a girl first, odds are that extremely enjoyable experiences will be a part of your future. You probably have a very positive attitude, and this likely rubs off on other people frequently when you’re around them (and especially when you interact with them). Confidence and independence are two of your most probable character traits.

A guy.

If you first saw a guy, it likely means that you desire a loving romantic partner if you’re a girl; you’re connected well with your partner if you already have one, and things are likely to get better in the near future. If you first saw a guy and you’re a guy yourself, you’re probably worried about another male in your life; try to figure out who it might be and make sure they’re OK (because you won’t be able to move on until you do so).



The crocodile.

If you see a crocodile first, you’re likely practical and mostly live life without taking unnecessary risks (and even some risks that might have actually been necessary). You might be focusing on the negatives in life more than the positives too much, so keep this in mind moving forward (whether it ends up being true or not).

The boat.

If you first saw a boat, chances are that you are very detail-oriented and that not much gets passed you without you knowing (whether you let those trying to get things past you know you know what they’re doing or not). Furthermore, you’re probably creative and excellent at solving problems.



The old man.

If you saw an old man first, odds are that you’re extremely empathetic and sensitive. You tend to use the right side of your brain more than your left side, which highlights your inherent creativity and artistic soul.

The woman.

If you first saw a woman, you’re likely logical and analytical. You tend to utilize the left side of your brain more frequently than your right side, which indicates that you’re optimistic, faithful, and possess the ability to heal. However, you might be a bit of a perfectionist.




If you see pillars first, chances are that you’re quite comfortable—perhaps too comfortable. You may need to try perceiving life differently in order to maximize your potential and reach your greatest goals; don’t be so much of a dreamer or a romantic that you trip over your own two feet too early in life.

Men between pillars.

If you first see silhouettes of men between pillars, you’re likely very free right now in life—many aspects of it may seem easy and natural, to say the least. Continue to be sensitive and helpful and things should keep going well.




If you see faces first, odds are that you’re an extrovert who is greatly influenced by the mood of their surroundings and company. Be mindful of this, and don’t associate with negativity for the good of everyone involved.


If you first saw a candlestick, you’re probably an introvert who genuinely enjoys alone time more than party time. More specifically, you truly find more inspiration within yourself and your own mind than in others and in the words of others.


The woman.

If you see a woman first, you might be emotionally drained and harbouring regret. It could be a difficult time in your life right now, or you may be facing an impossible decision that you need to make as soon as possible.

The skull.

If you first saw a skull, you may be in an uncomfortable situation that you can’t seem to think your way out of. But stay determined, persevere, learn from any difficulties or mistakes, and your efforts will eventually pay-off (and be fully appreciated).




*This content was inspired by an amazing article that can be found here.

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