What Your Zodiac Sign Says About the Type of Witch You Are. Which One Are You?

If you’ve ever wondered what type of witch you might be, we’re here to help—as we can tell you, based on your zodiac sign!

Aries: Blood Witch.

Aries witches can cast powerful candle magic spells, and control energy, courtesy the fact that Aries is when Fire comes back to life as Sun enters the Spring Equinox.

Taurus: Elf Witch.

Taurus witches are in sync with earth and nature, and as such, have special gifts in herbology and sexuality, and can make things fertile, as is their nature (pun intended!).

Gemini: Energy Witch.

Gemini witches are the most intuitive, and as a result, are also the most versatile. They can tap into others energies and moods, just as their own are easily shifted. As a result, they’re especially skilled with astral energy.


Cancer: Kitchen Witch.

Cancer witches are especially skilled in home arts, food, and remedies, and this may lead to a gift with potions, especially love and affection charms. Further, they have the knack for giving lunar blessings to all they touch, and the moon enchants their work.


Leo: Enchanter Witch.

Leo witches are gifted with illusion and shifting others’ attention, which makes them especially adept at hypnosis and charms. Whereas Cancer witches are touched by the moon, the sun is present in Leos’ work. As a result, they can attract to themselves whatever they please.

Virgo: Hermit Witch.

Virgo witches are at their most powerful when they have plenty of time to themselves, especially in the silence of nature. This is befitting their name, Virgo—the Virgin, or Untouched. Ideally, they find this alone time in the woods, or beside the sea, as it helps them best recharge their powers and expel negativity.


Libra: Music Witch.

Libra witches are especially gifted in the arts, and are defined by their ability to inspire others with their magic. Of course, it’s of the utmost importance that they themselves are centered and balanced, as their music may be off otherwise.


Scorpio: Nocturnal Witch.

Scorpio witches are at their best in darkness, at midnight and in the wee hours of the morning, when the silence and darkness inspires them and wakes up their inner wisdom. Scorpios are likewise the sages among witches, by far the wisest.


Sagittarius: Thunder Witch.

Sagittarius witches are born under the sign of the god of thunder, and as such, can focus their energies in very powerful and booming ways. They are the boundary pushers, and when they focus their energy on something, anything is possible.


Capricorn: Green Witch.

Capricorn witches are equally comfortable in nature and in the city, as they can find nature’s power wherever they are. This is the result of Saturn’s influence on them, as they can control elemental forces through their discipline and love.


Aquarius: Star Witch.

Aquarius witches are uniquely gifted at feeling the power of the sky and directing the energy of the stars, past, present, and future, into their work.

Pisces: Fairy Witch.

Pisces witches are able to transcend worlds, bridging our physical world with that of the fairies. As such, they feel ill-at-ease in our world, and are uncomfortable with the material lifestyles that surround them in this world. They, more so even than other witches, are fully aware that the power of nature around us is far greater than anything consumerism might offer.



*This content was inspired by an amazing article that can be found here.

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