Why Are The Doctors Who Discovered GcMAF Turning Up Dead? 

Why are doctors who discovered GcMAF turning up dead? 

How about some non-toxic chemotherapy to compete with the cancer-causing stuff that Big Pharma wants to sell to every man, woman, and child?

If such a thing existed, it would probably cause a bit of a stir within the corporations that spend billions lobbying government officials and shady philanthropic organizations that want more money to fund “cancer research” every year.

What if another cancer-busting compound was made naturally by our bodies, and therefore couldn’t be patented thereby making it impossible to extort even more money from an unsuspecting public with another lab-created drug or $100,000-a-pop traditional chemo treatment?

Would that warrant the death of a few doctors who start promoting this amazing, natural compound?

Several doctors linked to a potential cancer cure known as GcMAF have been found dead within the last few years. They are all mysterious deaths – heart attacks, suicides, you know CIA, secret service-type shenanigans.

Perhaps the most controversial death to date is of Dr. Jeff Bradstreet. Three days before his body was found floating in a river, U.S. government officials raided his lab and took all his research surrounding GcMAF.

What did Dr. Bradstreet learn about a simple compound called GcMAF? First, you should know that GcMAF is – a Vitamin D-binding protein-derived macrophage activating factor, as well as a regulatory protein that supports the immune system.

GcMAF is naturally occurring in healthy people but is significantly depleted in individuals with abnormally functioning immune systems, which, I might add, are becoming more common with all the toxic crap that other globalists put in our water, air, soil, and food. The presence of GcMAF has been studied in immunotherapy treatment to boost the immune response and possibly inhibits and even prevents cancer.

Dr. Bradstreet had presented clinical findings after treating more than 11,000 patients with an 85% success rate. Almost all of them had depleted immunity which he could reverse with GcMAF, which then meant that their bodies could fight cancer as they were designed to – naturally.

Even the National Cancer Institute admits that, “the immune system’s natural capacity to detect and destroy abnormal cells may prevent the development of many cancers,” so if a doctor was treating not 100, not 1000, but multiple thousands of patients successfully with a compound found in their own bodies, you can bet your bottom dollar that this would be a cause for concern for Big Pharma.

It makes it very difficult to dismiss the “conspiracy theories” that are circulating about Dr. Bradstreet’s untimely and saddening demise. It’s also deeply troubling that certain news outlets published stories stating that Dr. Bradstreet was trying to “peddle autism cures,” seemingly as a way to smear his character – another tactic of the Medical Elite. All Dr. Bradstreet did was link vaccines to autism – another no-no according to the pharmaceutical industry.

What do these industries stand to lose as a possible motive for disappearing Dr. Bradstreet?

The annual gross Big Pharma expects from worldwide vaccine sales should be more than $61 billion by 2020.

Cancer “screenings” detection, drugs, radiation, and chemotherapy are worth a whopping $100 billion annually, already.

Perhaps Dr. Bradstreet just got fed up with his lovely family and perfect life successfully treating people with cancer and autism and offed himself with a shotgun in the chest in front of a river, but the forensic evidence says otherwise. Authorities tell us that the wound was self-inflicted. Isn’t that like saying there was only one shooter in Vegas? I’ll let you follow the breadcrumbs from there.

GcMAF: A Potential Anti-Cancer Therapy?

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