Why Fluoridating Water Should Be Banned

Lowering the limit for water fluoridation to .7 milligrams per liter instead of 1.2 milligrams per liter was a recent governmental admission that fluoridation causes what it’s supposed to prevent. This was hailed by some activists who oppose fluoridating civic water supplies as a victory.

It was officially explained that people may be getting too much fluoride now that there are so many toothpaste products that contain fluorides. That logic was a response to the rapid rise of dental fluorosis, which destroys the outer enamel of teeth. cases that have popped up recently.

So while finally recognizing that fluoride causes dental problems instead of preventing them, anything short of totally banning it from being deposited into our drinking and bathing water supplies is just not enough. Besides, mass medication without consensual informed consent is unconstitutional and unethical.

Those who wish to coat their teeth with fluorides by any means can be allowed to do so without fluoridating water supplies. It’s not fair to force individuals who don’t want it to go through extra efforts and added expenses to minimize it.

Fluoride Toxicity is Not a Theory – It’s Real

Not long ago, a Chinese study concluded that low dose sodium fluoride in drinking water diminishes IQ, especially among children. This is the twenty-fourth such international study with the same conclusion. Sodium fluoride has also been linked to reduced fertility and lower sperm counts.

Other health issues arise from the basic function of sodium fluoride’s ability to block thyroid production. It was once used to inhibit hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid). So if your thyroid is normal, it will be reduced to hypothyroidism (under-active thyroid), which leads to a plethora of health problems.

Toxicology researcher Dr. Phyllis Mullinex was fired from the Forsyth Dental Center when she published her research that discovered how low-level fluoride exposure created lower IQ and hyperactivity with ADD issues in the rats she tested. Just one example of how real research on fluoridating water is kept from public view.

Sodium fluoride is accumulated and stored by bone matter, displacing calcium and weakening bones. The pineal gland sucks up even more of the stuff that is being put in almost 70% of the USA water supply while independent scientific research and public protest are disregarded.

Here’s a simplified breakdown of fluorides main health issues:

*Thyroid Disruption – affecting the complete endocrine system and leading to obesity and diabetes
*Neurological – diminished IQ and inability to focus (ADD), lethargy, weariness, possibly fibromyalgia.
*Melatonin Disruption – sleep disorders, increased aging, lower immunity to cancer.
*Alzheimer’s Disease
*Pineal Gland – calcification of this gland, considered the “third eye” by meditators and a basic producer and regulator of our endocrine system located in the middle of the brain.
*Skeletal Fluorosis – actually weakening structural bones and crippling victims

The Fluoride Used for Water Supplies is Not Natural

Calcium fluoride is in several groundwater sources, especially wells. It can cause tooth enamel damage (dental fluorosis) or bone damage if consumed daily over the long term. Pharmaceutical grade sodium fluoride is meant to be applied topically to teeth as a dental procedure. If swallowed or otherwise ingested, it’s extreme toxicity cause serious problems.

But the most pernicious of all sodium fluorides is either fluorosilicate acid or sodium silicofluoride. These are the waste products of industry, originally from the nuclear and aluminum industries, but now mostly from the phosphate fertilizer industry. For simplicity’s sake, I’ll stick with the term sodium fluoride to cover both types.

As far back as the mid-1940s fluorine gases emitted from Manhattan Project nuclear processing plants were so toxic that nearby crops were destroyed and serious health problems rose among area residents, even crippling and killing farm animals and pets. This was repeated by the aluminum industry.

It wasn’t until the 1950s that the EPA (Environmental Protetection Agency) stepped in on mid-Florida phosphate plants that something was actually done to inhibit those gases. The phosphate plants were forced to use wet scrubbers in their stacks to clean the exhaust.

That solved the toxic emission problems locally while creating an expensive toxic waste disposal problem. The collected toxic residue was banned from being dumped into waterways or oceans and land dumps were also problematic.

So the phosphate polluters figured a way to dump their toxic waste and not only save money, but make money. Sell it to municipal water works using the “prevents tooth decay” propaganda.

According to investigative journalist Christopher Bryson, author of The Fluoride Deception, getting large quantities of sodium fluoride into the water and food system was a ploy of public relations sponsored by the industries who were saddled with getting rid of the toxic materials.

Deceptive PR campaigns and the American Dental Association’s urging of fluoridation as the panacea for tooth decay helped create a profitable side industry: Selling phosphate toxic sludge as sodium fluoride for community water supplies to prevent tooth decay.

How toxic is this scrubbed stuff from phosphate plant smokestacks? A spill from a fluorosilicate container in Illinois had to be contained by workers wearing the same type of protective HazMat gear worn near the damaged reactors in Fukushima.

Fluoridated water proponents argue that low doses are safe while ignoring how these daily doses deposit and accumulate in our bones and organs to ruin our overall health in several ways.

Avoiding Sodium Fluoride

Even if not fluoridated, tap water contains chlorine compounds that tend to leach lead. This lead leaching gets with the sodium fluoride added. It has been declared that there is no safe level of lead in our bodies.

Don’t drink tap water that has not gone through reverse osmosis, and don’t cook with it either.

Boiling doesn’t get rid of fluorides, it actually concentrates it more. Avoid commercial sodas and juices. Some organic food markets use water from their purifying system, which also provides customers with purified water, to spray their veggie displays. But some don’t, so ask questions where you shop.

Reverse osmosis purifiers in most food markets offer purified water that you can use to load large jugs very cheaply. There are expensive household purifiers available also.

Reverse osmosis removes over 85% of sodium fluoride from water, but some of the good minerals are removed as well. Add some sea salt or mineral powder/liquid to compensate for that mineral loss.

Do this to stay healthy and join the growing resistance against forced toxic medication via our water supplies. Find out how you can get involved with getting fluoride poisons out of the water in your community here.

This is a feature length documentary on the history of fluoridating water – very revealing, very interesting.



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