Why Intuitive People Act So Strange around Inauthentic Energy

Quite simply, life isn’t easy for empaths under most circumstances, but when empaths are forced to either be around or interact with inauthentic people—life is almost unlivable.

Since empaths are extremely sensitive to all feelings and emotions—so much so that they actually experience the feelings and emotions of other people—individuals around them who are angry, in pain, or depressed cause the empaths themselves take on these undesirable states of mind. When it comes to interacting with inauthentic people, empaths will often begin to feel ill before they even realize that the other person is not genuine.

It’s easy to see why many empaths would act awkwardly under these types of circumstances. In addition to reacting severely to the feelings and emotions of others, empaths also react deeply to simple body language and energy which other people aren’t even aware of. In situations like these, empaths are forced to pretend that they aren’t aware of the troubling circumstances in order to spare other people shame and embarrassment—and this makes things even more uncomfortable and awkward for empaths as well.

There are many other specific situations which cause empaths to act strangely:

#1: When someone acts like a pushover in order to gain acceptance.

#2: When someone pretends to be happy when they are genuinely sad.

#3: When someone acts tough to disguise their vulnerability.

#4: When someone forces an empath to deceive someone else (or themselves).

#5: When someone lies in order to gain acceptance.

#6: When someone lies for no “good” reason at all.

Furthermore, it is natural for empaths to react distinctly after experiencing these situations:

#1: They avoid inauthentic people because their vibes are debilitating.

#2: They can’t articulate well because they can’t be as honest as they desire (due to the alternative reality in place around them).

#3: They have to leave after a few minutes of interaction—anything more would be physically, mentally, and emotionally unbearable.

#4: They may vomit if they are unable to cut the interaction short.

#5: They may breakdown in multiple ways if they are unable to cut the interaction short.

Whether you’re an empath or not, there is something we can all learn from this info: it’s vital to know who we truly are as individuals, and who the people around as truly are who we interact with on a regular basis. Whenever you can’t be yourself, you’re hiding yourself—and that’s painful for both you and all the genuine people in your vicinity.


*This content was inspired by an amazing article that can be found here.

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