Why Narcissists And Sociopaths Constantly Try To Convince You That You Are The Crazy One

Why It’s Crucial to Grip-Onto Reality No Matter What.

Dr. Tracy Stein—by way of Psychology Today—has provided the general population with vital insights pertaining to narcissists and sociopaths. More often than not, these types of people cause the individuals around them more harm than they do themselves, so it’s imperative to both familiarize yourself with them and avoid them as much as possible. The arrogant, haughty, deceptive, and manipulative characteristics of narcissists and sociopaths can ruin anyone’s life—if they don’t know precisely what to look out for and how to evade it.

#1: Gaslighting.

This occurs when one human being maliciously attempts to convince another individual that that person’s perception of reality is skewed or outright false. This is truly sinister behavior, because it results in some people actually believing that they are mentally and emotionally troubled, which can rapidly lead to a lifetime of issues and hindrances. In some cases, it even results in suicide or other tragic events.

#2: Fault rejection and deflection.

No matter how unreasonable or untruthful a narcissist’s opinion or argument is, they will virtually never, ever admit that they are wrong or at fault. This is a specific aspect of gaslighting, because every disagreement or argument must end with the healthy partner giving up living in the same reality as the troubled partner.

#3: Accusations of over-sensitivity.

It’s fascinating—and alarming—to think that anyone is ever able to convince someone else that they are “being too sensitive”; if all human beings are about equally sensitive to sensations such as hotness and coldness, then it stands to reason that most individuals possess a similar spectrum of emotional thresholds.

#4: Endless projecting.

Projection is a reflection of what narcissists and sociopaths are dealing with themselves. As alluded to, this is the case when it comes to manipulative gaslighting; even when someone is 100% cognizant of the fact that another person is attempting to gaslight them, the narcissist or sociopath will still argue that the innocent individual is the one trying to gaslight them!

#5: Accusations of over-seriousness.

Narcissists and sociopaths frequently make offensive, racist, or demeaning comments, and then attempt to pass them off as jokes long after the fact (or whenever confronted). Subjects and topics like rape are never funny, and it is never acceptable to casually joke about them. Allowing this behavior to persist compromises your moral integrity.

#6: Accusations of selfishness.

If a person isn’t blinded by gaslighting, then it can quickly become clear that someone who is a narcissist or a sociopath only thinks and cares about themselves and their own well-being. However, this never stops these twisted individuals from attempting to turn the tables and trying to convince their accusers that they are the ones thinking, speaking, and acting selfishly. These kinds of accusations can have negative and lasting influences even when the person being accused knows the accusations are untrue and unjust.

#7: The case for “Bizarro World.”

Think The Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits, multiple dimensions, and alternate realities. Narcissists and sociopaths will do anything and everything that they can do to persuade someone else that they are 100% wrong about anything and everything. When done persistently and aggressively, this technique has the effect of making the other person question virtually every aspect of their thoughts, their words, their actions, and the world around them. Again, even when someone knows that they are being flat-out lied to, the technique itself can still have devastating negative influences on everyone involved.





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