Why You Should Avoid Kellogg’s Products Like The Plague

In California and Washington, the food manufacturing giant, Kellogg’s, paid over a million dollars on mainstream media propaganda to overcome voter ballot initiatives, which would enforce mandatory GMO labeling. They have also contributed $250,000 to the defeat of labeling initiatives in Oregan!

One consumer took matters into their own hands. They sent a sample of the cereal to get tested for genetically modified ingredients and discovered that the corn and the soy were 100% RoundUp Ready GMO (a pesticide registered with and managed by the EPA); the sugar used in the cereals was also genetically modified. In fact, both the sugar and “healthy” versions contained corn sprayed with RoundUp. Also, it is scary to imagine that Kellogg’s cereals and other similar cereal brands contain doses of glyphosate and Bt toxins. This chemical was patented by Monsanto in 2011 as an ‘antibiotic.’

Kellogg’s was established in 1898. I do not think the founders would have imagined that their business would become so harmful to people in the future. The company spoke out and said that they do not use GMO ingredients to make their cereals in Europe and the concern for genetically modified ingredients in the U.S. is small.

The brands considered healthy, and you have been buying to feed your families such as Kashi, Bare Naked, Morningstar Farms, and Gardenburger are also contaminated.

But Kashi lied. Kashi’s GoLean cereal was tested by Cornucopia Institute, and the results show 100% genetically engineered soy content inside the product. And the companies reply was basically to get used to GMO contamination. Because according to them “factors such as pollen drift from nearby crops and current practices in agricultural storage, handling, and shipping, has led to an environment in North America where GMOs are not sufficiently segregated. As a result, some of our foods include ingredients made from genetically engineered crops.”

Kellogg’s said that they would correct the labeling on their Kashi brands. However, in the past, they have promised the people that their products barely had any GMOs. And those promises turned out to be lies.


The truth is we cannot let Kellogg’s feed pesticides and antibiotics to our children without us knowing about it. We cannot accept this negligent behaviour from such a dominant player in the food industry. In the mean time, Kellogg’s has stated that the following brands have been verified as non-GMO:

  • GOLEAN Crunch!®
  • GOLEAN Crunch!® Honey Almond Flax
  • GOLEAN Crisp!® Cinnamon Crumble
  • GOLEAN Crisp!® Toasted Berry Crumble
  • Autumn Wheat®
  • Cinnamon Harvest®
  • Island Vanilla®
  • Strawberry Fields®
  • Raisin Vineyard®
  • Simply Maize®
  • Indigo Morning™
  • Berry Fruitful
  • 7 Whole Grain Flakes
  • 7 Whole Grain Puffs
  • 7 Whole Grain Pilaf

If you would like to take this further and strike against the company, then you can do so by calling 1 (800) 962-1413 and letting them know that you will not accept being poisoned every morning and will no longer buy their products.

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