Why You Should Avoid Kellogg’s Products Like The Plague

The majority of the world is run by greedy, money hungry corporate CEO’s. They control all the food, water, and medications. They are pumping us full of toxic chemicals and stealing our money at the same time.

There are thousands of brands these days, but they’re actually owned by a select few amount of bigger companies. These companies are more interested in making an extra dollar or two than your health, and that’s exactly why disease, cancer, and other disorders are only on the rise. With as much technology we have today, you would assume that health problems would even be obsolete.

Among all the greedy and evil brands that control our food supply, Kellogg’s is the worst. You should avoid their products like the plague. They just spent over $1,012,552 dollars on media propaganda in California & Washington to defeat voter ballot initiatives that would require labeling of GMO foods. They are now contributing again to the defeat of labeling initiatives in Oregon. They have spent over $250,000 dollars in that area alone! Consumers sent a box of fruit loops to a lab for genetic testing, and they found that the corn and soy used in the cereal are 100% roundup ready GMO.

According to the testing performed on the Froot Loops, when you consume a box of the cereal, you are also consuming a double dose of Roundup or Glyphosate. Glyphosate has been linked to many different health issues in several different studies, including cancer. Kellogg’s claims that, even though they don’t use genetically engineered ingredients in Europe, in the U.S., “consumer concerns about the usage of biotech ingredients in food production are low.” Froot Loops isn’t the only cereal filled with the toxic pesticides either. In fact, all of the Kellogg’s products are – even the ones that claim to be healthy for you.

Kellogg’s also owns a brand named Kashi, who is also notorious for not only using GMO products but lying about it too. Just get used to GMO contamination, was their response when Cornucopia Institute tested Kashi’s GoLean cereal and found it was 100% genetically engineered soy.

Your best bet is to spend the extra few dollars for organic foods and avoid Kellogg’s like the plaque! Your health is much more important than saving a few dollars on cereal. These brands are not trustworthy whatsoever.

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