Wi-Fi: The Silent, Unknown Killer.

An inevitable consequence of modern times is our constant need to be connected to the internet. And an outcome of that is the universal availability of the internet, resulting in most homes, offices, and public spaces being Wi-Fi enabled.

While a Wi-Fi enabled home is great for communication, entertainment, and work, one can’t deny the effects it has on our overall health. Here are a few ways in which Wi-Fi can negatively impact your health and lead you to an early grave.



Wi-Fi causes low-frequency modulation which leads to difficulty falling asleep and erratic sleep patterns. People who are regularly in the midst of electromagnetic radiation emitted by Wi-Fi during bedtime find it harder to sleep.


Children’s development

Wi-Fi’s non-thermal radio frequency is especially bad for the normal biological growth and development of young children. Not only is radiation bad for growing children, it also negatively affects fetal development and puts infants at great health risks.


Brain function

Having trouble concentrating or experiencing memory loss? It might have to do with regular exposure to Wi-Fi frequencies and the negative effects it has on brain activity.



Exposure to Wi-Fi lowers sperm count and causes DNA fragmentation. It also has negative effects on fertility and increases the risk of abnormal pregnancy in expectant parents.


Heart Issues

Continual exposure to Wi-Fi frequencies can increase your resting heartbeat eventually putting you at a higher risk of heart disease.


While exposure to Wi-Fi has its ill-effects, all is not lost. In order to protect yourself from its negative impact, here are a few preventive measures you can take.

  • As far as possible avoid keeping your phone in your pocket.
  • When at home try using wired phones more than cellphones.
  • Don’t keep your Wi-Fi router in your kitchen or bedroom.
  • If you’re pregnant keep your cellphone as far as possible from your stomach.
  • Whenever possible, choose text over talking.
  • Avoid Wi-Fi baby monitors.
  • Disconnect every Wi-Fi device, and if possible switch off your router, before going to bed.


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