Woman Opens Up About Her Biggest Insecurity, Immediately Lands Modeling Contract

Everyone has insecurities. That’s part of being human. But growing up, Therese Hansson felt more insecure than most. This is because she suffers from alopecia, a condition that results in hair loss.

Alopecia is caused by the immune system mistakenly attacking hair follicles. As a result, they fall out. For many, the condition can be extremely embarrassing — and for a time, it was for Hansson.

The Malmo, Sweden, resident was diagnosed at age 14. ”I was young at the time so I was mostly worried that it was cancer since that’s normally the first thing you think of when you see hair loss. Little did I know that this hair loss only happens after chemotherapy,” Hansson told the Daily Mail.

Once she learned the reason behind her hair loss, she struggled to come to grips with it. She was a teenager, after all. To keep up appearances, she began wearing wigs. The secret weighed on her, however, so she began to tell her closest friends.

”Only my family knew about it at first and after about a year I started to tell my closest friends. It was a big secret to me and I was very sensitive if anyone noticed or asked me something about my hair,” said Hansson. “I was good at hiding it.”

Eventually, though, she decided that she needed to embrace who she was. With the help of her family, she ditched the wigs (for the most part, she still wears them from time-to-time), and began rocking her bald head.

”Now I feel like I can be myself and that I don’t need to hide it anymore. Going out in public with my alopecia is something that I regret not doing earlier but I guess I just wasn’t ready before,” said Hansson.

Dropping the wig and “coming out” about her condition ended up being one of the best things for Hansson. As a result, she was awarded a modeling contract. As you can see from the pictures below, she is absolutely stunning!

The young resident could have hidden out of embarrassment or fear, but she chose to let her beauty shine. By doing so, she has inspired thousands of people. This is now part of her mission going forward.

According to Bored Panda, Hansson wants her experience to encourage others to be themselves and live without shame or worry. She said, ”Don’t hide. It will only make you feel worse. A big stone of relief will leave your body if you can just be yourself. Anyone that won’t accept it is not someone you need in your life anyway.”

This is Therese Hansson from Malmo, Sweden

Credit: Therese Hansson

At the age of 14, she was diagnosed with Alopecia

Credit: Therese Hansson

The condition results from the immune system attacking hair follicles

Credit: Therese Hansson

For a long time, she was embarrassed about her baldness

Credit: Therese Hansson

But now, she embraces her natural beauty

Credit: Therese HanssonCredit: Therese Hansson

As a result, she landed a modeling contract

Credit: Therese Hansson

And is inspiring thousands of people

Credit: Therese Hansson

“Don’t hide. It will only make you feel worse. A big stone of relief will leave your body if you can just be yourself,” she says

Credit: Therese Hansson

“Anyone that won’t accept it is not someone you need in your life anyway.”

Credit: Therese Hansson

Go, Therese!

Credit: Therese Hansson

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