Worker Calls The Police When Homeless Man Refuses To Leave A Store — Officer Arrives To Find Something Shocking

There are times when we are called to do things we didn’t expect.  Whether it’s that random call from a friend who is desperate for someone to come help her get through a divorce, or coming across a lost cat looking for its home, these are the moments that help define us as human beings.  And most of the time, they come when we were thinking about something completely different.

This is the case for José Flores.  An officer who is known for his dedication to the job, Flores was called one afternoon to a Lowe’s Home Improvement store to help assist in getting a homeless man to leave the property.  Assuming that he’d have to face a fight with the man, as most people become agitated when told they are told to do something they don’t want to do, Flores gathered his wits about him on the way to the store.

Upon arrival, however, he found out that employees at the store had gathered money for him.  Not only that, but had found an available space in a local shelter that could take him for the night.  Flores was absolutely shocked by this kindness, and decided to go one step further, and bring the man to a local department store.  Being winter, and inclement weather approaching that would be quite uncomfortable, Flores realized that the man would need something to protect him.  So he bought boots, socks, and shoes for the homeless man, and then took him to the shelter.

Whether or not he was prepared for what happened, it is clear the Flores changed his ways when presented with an opportunity to help someone.  Someone who would normally be looked upon with disdain.  Instead, Flores decided to look upon him with love, and that’s an amazing story indeed.


Source: Wikr

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