You Can Achieve Similar Results of Mega-Dose IV Vitamin C with Liposomal Vitamin C

Mega-dose vitamin C delivered by IV (intravenously) at 20, 50, or 100 grams daily has been discovered to remedy many infectious diseases. It has also had success with cancer patients as well. But very few know this suppressed treatment approach even exists. Now there is an easier even less expensive way to mimic the same treatment on a DIY basis.

Practitioners who administer mega-dose IV vitamin C are not easy to find, and there’s probably no private or government insurance coverage that will allow even such a relatively inexpensive therapy.

But if you can afford the treatments out of pocket, provides a directory of practitioners who deliver mega-dose IV vitamin C with their directory here.

The handful of Orthomolecular MDs and Psychiatrists are marginalized and threatened so much by medical mafia’s bureaucratic agencies that they are very discreet about how, where, and why they use mega-dose supplements as treatments for any type of illness. They cannot use the cure word.

After searching for such treatment for my wife while living in Austin, TX, we came up with one, a chiropractor who didn’t need to be concerned about the AMA and FDA as much as an MD would.

Sessions were $100 each with several visits required. So we scratched that since there was no insurance to cover it what we couldn’t afford with the number of visits that would have been required.

By the way, the insurance scam in the United States and the nonsense of what single payer systems like Canada’s and other nations’ socialized medical expense coverage won’t cover in almost all other nations is a scam.

It’s part of the international Medical Mafia’s effort to keep Big Pharma in business with their trained drug pushers. Why else wouldn’t they cover less expensive treatments?

Discovering Liposomal Vitamin C

Then I discovered liposomal C, which we used successfully while faking compliance with the hospital’s demand of six months to a year of antibiotics forced on my wife after her operation to remove calcified material or “lung stones” created by the infection.

We continued to pick up the antibiotics without using them to satisfy her doctors. She was examined after a few weeks of the liposomal C and was clear of the unusual rare infection she had endured without using the antibiotics prescribed.

Liposomal vitamin C is a lipid encapsulation of ascorbic acid molecules that delivers more vitamin C to cells orally than even mega-dose intravenous (IV) vitamin C. At first, vitamin C orthomolecular physician Dr. Thomas Levy, MD, found this hard to believe, even as clinical results were being achieved.

Then he analyzed liposomal C to discover that although IV C delivers much more vitamin C into the bloodstream at one time without any bowel threshold limitations than orally ingesting vitamin C and almost all of it permeates tissue cells.

It’s estimated that maybe only 20% of IV vitamin C volume gets into cells, while 90% of liposomal C permeates tissue on a cellular level. Vitamin C is water soluble, and cell walls are fatty, another reason why one needs good fats in the diet.

Liposomal C is lipid (fatty substance) encapsulating vitamin C on a molecular level.

This enables higher oral doses vitamin C to permeate cells while not overwhelming bowel thresholds since it is lipid encapsulated and the gram levels are lower.

The Amazing Story of New Zealand Dairy Farmer Alan Smith’s Recovery from Life Support

Some of you may be familiar with the story of New Zealand dairy farmer Alan Smith, who recovered rapidly from a coma induced by flu complicated double pneumonia and leukemia. Many online accounts make it seem as though only IV C led to his recovery. They were inaccurate.

After recovering from his coma with two days of mega-dose IV vitamin C, the hospital stopped completely. Alan’s serious condition lingered. He was off life support, but bedridden with a long recovery period prognosis.

Following several legal attempts from Alan’s family and an attorney, who provided the legal material that hospitals must concede to family members’ treatment wishes, the hospital cynically conceded to continue with only two grams IV C daily.

Alan’s family wanted them to continue administering 50 to 100 grams of IV C after showing positive results from only two days of that dosage when they were ready to pull the plug on his life support.

So the hospital skirted the Smith family’s wishes by complying with the letter of the law. Here’s you IV C folks, now shut up and go away with how many grams we should administer.

That’s when his family members found out about the newly created liposomal C from Livon Labs, which they brought to Alan daily. Each packet contained one gram of lipid encapsulated vitamin C.

Alan consumed six daily and achieved the miraculous results he had experienced with the 50 to 100 grams daily of IV C with only six grams daily of liposomal C for a few days.

Yes, six grams of liposomal C did the work of 50 to 100 grams of IV C.

He walked out of the hospital in days on his own power. A year later, he was examined and there was no trace of leukemia that was discovered in the hospital along with his double-pneumonia from what they said was Swine Flu.

Protection Against Radiation

At the Fukushima hot spot, a team of orthomolecular (mega-dose supplement medicine) scientists administered 25 grams of IV C and six grams daily of liposomal C to one group of site clean-up workers while giving none to another group.

The vitamin C crew came back with no signs of radioactive poisoning, while the crew without vitamin C showed high toxicity levels. The radiation poisoned group was then given the same IV and liposomal C treatments as the first group, and they all recovered from their radiation poisoning.

That trial’s information has been suppressed. More on it here.

Lower Prices for Almost the Same Impact of Mega-Dose IV C

Lypo-Spheric liposomal vitamin C is manufactured by Livon Labs, the inventor of the process, and there are now others to compete with them.

Buyer beware of liposomal C products that are comparably priced to regular off the shelf vitamin C. You can find providers by simply Googling liposomal vitamin C.

There are YouTube videos demonstrating how to make your own liposomal C. Though better than just plain ascorbic acid C, it is not nearly as effective as commercially produced liposomal vitamin C.

This homemade technique does not create nanoparticle lipid liposomes that encapsulate vitamin C molecules. It creates an emulsion. Read what orthomolecular physician Dr. David Levy says about this here.

The video below is from a New Zealand 60 Minutes  TV News Special, which did a bang-up coverage of Alan’s miraculous recovery.

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