You Can Spot Any Psychopath by Looking For These 8 Warnings

A psychopath is someone who completely manipulates everyone and everything around them to serve their own means. They may come across as charming and friendly at first, but the longer you are around them, you start to see their true colors. These people will do everything and anything to get what they want, regardless of how it affects their peers.

Emotion is nothing to them, and they are constantly seeking out ways and people that can benefit them. Not every psychopath has every one of these qualities, but if someone you know does, in fact, have some of these tendencies, you may want to watch out.

These 10 qualities will help you determine if someone you know may just be a psychopath:

1). Everything is a lie. They will lie to you and others about anything if it gives them a false sense of power. Not only will a psychopath lie, they are typically good at it. They are always looking to find a way to make themselves look better, and will choose a scenario that does just that.

2). Psychopaths generally do not follow the Hollywood stereotype. They are often people that appear to be charismatic, and approachable. When you first meet them, they can come off as exceedingly friendly, charming and intelligent.

3). They draw people in to meet their own needs. Psychopaths are often obsessed with themselves, and any type of relationship they have, there is usually an ulterior motive that benefits them.

4). Everything that goes wrong is usually someone else’s fault. These people will not take responsibility for their actions and are always looking to pin the blame on someone else. They will twist and manipulate the story until it comes across that they are completely innocent, and often times they get so wrapped into their own lie they truly believe it.

5). Their only value is themselves. This ties back into number 3 a little bit. They are only concerned with themselves and their own well-being. It does not even occur to them to think about anyone else around them they may hurt, or step on in the process.

6). In their minds, they are better than anyone they meet. Psychopaths will typically look down upon anyone they come across. They feel superior in all aspects, and look at everyone else as a “court-jester.” They will not listen to anything anyone has to say believing they already know everything there is to know. You will sometimes have a subconscious feeling that you need to over exceed, when in fact there is no impressing them.

7). Psychopaths are quick to lash out. They often anger quickly, especially if they are being accused of something. Instead of rationally thinking and talking it out, they will berate and attack you; often times it can even turn personal, nothing to do with the original accusation. You sometimes will get a sense of fear when you are with them.

8). There are signs of inconsistency in their lives. These people are often the ones that are constantly jumping from job to job, or even between different homes. It is easy to spot holes in their stories, after all, it is hard keeping up with so many lies.

9). Psychopaths know no feeling of empathy or guilt. This is tied back to feeling no emotion towards others and being concerned with only themselves. They rarely express remorse and show no regret for what they have done. They do not apologize, for they feel nothing is ever their fault. It is natural as human beings to feel empathy towards another, but psychopaths will not.

10). They are often breaking rules or even the law. The moral code is nothing to them. They often tend to not adhere to any laws or ethics. A psychopath will often violate the rights of others for their own gain. These people will tell you that they would never lie or cheat to your face, but turn around and do it to someone else, directly in front of you.


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