“You Can’t Just Trust Doctors Anymore” – 13-Year-Boy Is Paralyzed From the Neck Down After Gardasil HPV Vaccine

A boy named Colton Berrett used to love sports, and his favorites ones were baseball, indoor skydiving, riding motorcycles, skiing, and especially motocross. Unfortunately, at the age of 13, it all changed after his doctor recommended an HPV vaccination!

He took three shots of Gardasil that forever changed his life. The symptoms appeared two weeks after the third shot. First, his neck began to ache. Then, he went pale. He felt nauseous and exhausted almost all the time. One night, while drinking a glass of water, he asked his mother Kathleen a frightening question:

“Mom, can you give that to me in my left hand? I can’t use my right arm very well. It’s weak.”

Then everything changed. Within moments, Colton’s arm had collapsed, and his head hit the pillow. Kathleen knew that he son was becoming paralyzed. “I could have lost him that night,” Kathleen told VAXXED TV in tears.

Kathleen and her husband took Colton to the hospital on February 17, 2014, she had to hold his head as he could not do it alone, and also he had lost all movement in his right arm. “He was pretty much completely paralyzed.”

It started with his right arm and his neck, and then his left arm became paralyzed too. The doctors informed Kathleen that her son would shortly have trouble breathing. They had to intubate him as he could not breathe properly and it prevented him from talking.

In the following days, Colton became paralyzed from the neck down. He used his eyebrows to communicate with his parents in an attempt to say “yes” and “no.”

Colton stayed in the hospital for 88 days before he recovered some movement. The hospital staff did therapy daily with him so he could be mobile again. Colton remained paralyzed for a month and a half.

He did a year and a half of rigorous physical therapy to regain some function in his body, and today he has recovered a lot of the movements, but he is still far away from being his old self.

“It does suck not being able to play sports anymore…my favorite activity. Now I just have to sit on the sidelines, just watch everybody,” Colton replied.

Today Colton goes camping and Razor driving. Recently he went down ski hills using a bi-ski apparatus which is controlled by another person. However, everyday life is still complicated. Colton needs to have a breathing apparatus at all times, and because it’s heavy (weighs 15 pounds), someone else has to always be with him to help him carry it.

“It’s a literal ball and chain for him,” Kathleen explained. “His right arm is completely paralyzed. His left arm has minimal function now. He’s lucky he regained his legs and core strength.”

Kathleen explained that after Colton’s injury, his family doctor would not give Gardasil to boys anymore. He still gives it to girls but warns them about the risks.

“It’s good that he’s not giving it to boys, but a lot of girls can still get hurt,” Colton thinks. Kathleen mentioned that his other doctors try to push other vaccines at him such as the flu vaccine, but she made the conscious decision never to submit her child to vaccination in the future.

“I was so naïve…I thought if the doctor is going to say something… he is the one that went to school; he knows the best. Of course, you are going to do what they recommend… [His doctor] was there since [Colton] was born…I still trust him on a lot of things. But when it comes to vaccinations, I don’t trust anybody,” Kathleen said.

Colton and Kathleen’s full interview

As a leading vaccine, Gardasil carries significant risks that are much higher than advertised. In 2009, a Merck researcher opposed Gardasil stating the benefits barely exist, while unfavorable reactions are far more prevalent than people realize at 3.4/100,000 doses.

Dr. Bernard Dalbergue, a whistle-blower who used to be connected to Merck, calls Gardasil the greatest medical scandal of today. Gardasil’s producer has been sued by several people for supposedly injuring young girls. The injuries include seizures, neurological disorders, cancer, and death.

Notwithstanding the risks that come with Gardasil and its uncertain benefits, Merck proceeds to push their product on broad segments of the population and lately has been concentrating on promoting it on boys.

At the moment, the CDC promotes that all boys with ages 11 to 12 to receive the vaccine. The maker claims that the main reason why is important to vaccinate the boys is to protect the girls as HPV is transmittable.

However, Merck has overstated the potential benefits. Their 2007 study claimed that it is useful in 98% of cases, but a careful analysis of their data shows that the benefits of Gardasil were in reality around 17%. Discover Magazine reported that for researchers to determine the actual benefits of the vaccine, a long-term study was required, which Merck has never done.

As Discover Magazine noted, the reason to push Gardasil in boys was not to save lives, but to make money, because Merck gave money to legislators, medical societies, and doctors to sell and market their product from a position of authority.

“You have to do your research. You can’t just trust the doctors anymore. You have to find what’s best for you,” Colton advised the VAXXED audience.


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