You Have No Idea Why You’re Actually Attracted To Others (Here’s Are The Real Reasons)

According to Jung, Freud, and numerous other distinguished psychologists, human beings are attracted to versions of the people who were their primary caregivers as children. When a person turns three years old (to five years old), their understanding of the world is firmly formed. What’s more, attraction turns into a subconsEWAO Payments Dashboardcious desire to heal hurts that were inflicted throughout childhood. However, more subconscious aspects such as the imago match must be addressed as well; the subconscious mind behaves similar children.

The subconscious mind is concerned with desires and emotions far more than it cares about logic and reason. In fact, specific beliefs people have about themselves that don’t make much sense frequently come from the subconscious, and they stem from memories of early childhood (possibly even past lifetimes).

Love stage #1: Chemistry experiment.

Norepinephrine, dopamine, phenylethylamine, and other neurochemicals equate to a human chemistry-experiment; palms get sweaty, butterflies form in stomachs, and hearts beat rapidly. This “high” enables the object of our attraction to heal our past and present wounds, even on subconscious levels. Keep in mind that this stage of love won’t last and shouldn’t last; the conduit through which meaningful and lasting love is formulated requires more than an initial altered state of consciousness or spiritual happiness. Hence the following stages of love.

Love stage #2: Power struggle.

Excitement and euphoria turns into self-doubt and indecision, and it will become clear that your partner cannot fulfill every single one of your emotional needs. Always remember that this stage will not last forever, just as the first stage of love doesn’t last forever. However, also realize that each stage is vital to meaningful and lasting love, in the end.

Love stage #3: Genuine love.

Conscious love does not stem from chemistry or turmoil, and it does not involve emotional abandonment, deception, bribery, or begging. Rather, this love involves growing emotionally and mentally, and creating better behaviors and outcomes for the good of the relationship as a whole. The defenses will fall, and genuine intimacy will formulate; neurochemicals present in the first stages will give way to chemicals related to meditation and compassion. Indeed, brain plasticity will result in an immune system boost and a more relaxed nervous system. The relationship will still face challenges, but you will feel confident that it will persevere past anything.

Please read the info and insights below for more specific reasons why people are attracted to specific individuals.

#1: Chivalry.

The University of Chicago reveals that individuals who agree with altruistic statements (such as “I’d rather suffer myself than see someone else suffer”) tend to be happier in relationships than people who think oppositely. Moreover, chivalrous human beings are considerate and thoughtful of their partners at all times, which is highly attractive on its own.

#2: Politics.

Rice University indicates in the Journal of Politics that humans choose partners who have similar political perspectives and world views. In fact, politics was a more commonly shared aspect than personality, appearance, and religion. Indeed, politics are set in a person’s core more firmly than most other things are.

#3: Voice.

Hormones determine the sound of a human being’s voice, so it shouldn’t be surprising that voice tone and pitch are significant when it comes to degree of attraction. Lower voices in males are normally interpreted as being attractive, and higher voices in females are usually interpreted as being attractive. Furthermore, a breathy voice is attractive in both sexes, but a monotone voice is normally only attractive in males.

#4: Entertainment.

Science has demonstrated that when someone finds another person entertaining and interesting, they also find them particularly attractive. The human brain requires continual and fresh stimulation, so it makes sense that originality is an attractive trait when it comes to romantic partners. Additionally, it’s also true that most people are attracted to other individuals with similar personalities.

#5: Nature.

Science has also shown that people are attracted to other human beings who look similar to them physically. Humans are naturally drawn to familiar people and things, so, again, this should not be a difficult fact to swallow. More specifically, we are inherently attracted to people with similar genetics, skin tone, hair color, and height.







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