You Might Be An Earth Angel, Here are the 6 Signs to Prove it

Earth angels share the mud of me and you.  They are not ethereal in beauty, and they don’t have giant wings to make your mind stare in awe.  They are deeply aware, and more often than not, knowledgeable about things that won’t even cross your mind for an entire lifetime.

Sometimes they will show up in your life, and blow your mind.  They look like you and I, so you’ll never know for sure if they’re around, but you’ll feel their impact none the same.  This may be their first time around, but it’s more likely their 7th or 18th.  Earth angels are nothing short of legendary, and it’s worth any amount of time you get to spend with them.

Perhaps you are the one who is the Earth Angel, you may ask.  Well, perhaps you are.  If you want to figure that out, then read through the next six signs that prove it.  If you’re not too concerned, then don’t be.  Go out and live your life and enjoy it whenever you come across an amazing human.

Six Things That Prove You’re An Earth Angel

1. You’re Highly Sensitive

It’s not your fault…The world is a harsh place, full of dead ends, heartache, and loss.  You’ll notice that things are harder for you than most, and when all you want to do is give someone a hug, you get a grunt back.  It’s alright, though.  Your purpose here is to continue to spread love and joy, no matter where or how far.  So keep doing you and smiling when you can.  People will eventually pick up on it.

2.  You Like To Be Alone

That being said, it’s good to have down time in order to better understand where you’re at and how to keep yourself balanced.  Earth angels tend to need more time than others because they see more…understand more.  That means more time to process and let go.  Take whatever time you need.  Check out for a day or more.  Ignore messages and turn off t.v.’s.  Who cares what others think?  This is your life and you’re trying to live it the best you can.

3.  You’re Very Empathetic

Because Earth Angels feel more, they also understand more.  They can enter into someone else’s head space and see out from it.  If this sounds like you, it probably means that you can look at someone and know what they need before they say it.  Or have always had the right thing to say.  It just, well, clicks for you.  Just because you don’t have wings doesn’t mean that you’re not miraculous, right?

4.  You Trust That Voice Inside

The voice that most people ignore and go against, ends up being the voice that you listen to all the time.  It’s your best friend.  It knows you because it is you.  Your deepest, most connected part of self.  You don’t have to go out and play with the other kids because your own companionship is good enough.  You will follow yourself anywhere because you trust that you are your best ally.  And not in an egotistical way, but in a genuine, heart-based way.

5.  You Have A Calling

Ever since you were born, you knew what you wanted to do.  Be that a veterinarian, a cop, or a nurse, it was revealed to you at a very early age.  Nothing has gotten in your way of that dream, and you have pursued it to the very end.  Most of the time, Earth Angels are drawn towards some sort of service or greater good sort of job.  They will jump at any opportunity to help others, especially those less fortunate or unable to do so for themselves.  That’s because they are here to make a change, and that’s something to look up to.

6.  You Live A Different Sort of Life

Maybe you live deep in the woods or in a co-operative household.  Maybe you eschew material goods and money.  Maybe you have adopted your sister’s kids and live with both a boyfriend and a girlfriend.  Whatever the case may be, you question the norm.  You don’t believe that everyone was sent here to fit the same mold, and you definitely don’t.  Earth Angels aren’t met to be like everyone else.  They are meant to lead, guide, and show others that life can be different and still beautiful.


Think this sounds like you?  It’s worth looking into more.  Go check out online to see if your purpose here is more than to be a great Netflix hound.


Source: PeaceQuarters

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