You Taught Her How To Be Alone, So Don’t Be Surprised When She No Longer Needs You

If you no longer are the first person she calls when something good or bad happens don’t be surprised. You showed her she can’t count on you when she needs you the most by not showing up when you were needed.

If she no longer spends time with you and prefers meeting her friends to meeting you, don’t be surprised. You taught her that even though you heard what she said, you never really listened.



If she no longer makes you a part of her plans, don’t get taken aback. She has learned not to plan her future with you. She strengthened her resolve every time you said no.

If she doesn’t miss you when you’re gone, don’t be confused. You never really made her feel missed and you made her feel her presence doesn’t make a significant difference in your life.



If she has started to ignore your calls and texts don’t be surprised. She’s tired of being the only one who has been compromising in the relationship. She invested a lot of herself into the both of you, but rarely ever got anything in return.

If she has been drifting away from you, don’t be disturbed. She has realized that she deserves better than being taken for granted and is beginning her journey to find herself.



If her once burning passion for you has been extinguished, it has to do with you. You gradually trained her to stop loving you.

And if she walks away from you, you may never really have given her a reason to stay.



Source: Curiousmindmagazine; Pexels

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