Your Eye’s Characteristics Can Reveal Insights About Your Personality

The eyes are often referred to as the windows into the soul and have been for thousands of years. Ancient civilizations didn’t refer to the eyes this way for just any reason either. You can tell a lot about your soul through your eyes.

The eyes are the windows to the soul. there is so much to be learned from looking into someone’s eyes. You can establish a true connection by eye gazing because it’s like your souls are looking into each other. However, it isn’t just the eyeball that can reveal parts about you. The actual shape of your eyes can reveal a good bit of your personality traits! Many people believe that there is much to be learned about someone according to the shapes and sizes of their eyes. They believe that the eyes reveal an infinite amount of personal information – and they can never be ignored.

Each part of your eye can tell us something different about you. Using the size, shape, color, depth, and distance we can learn all about your personal information. Don’t be afraid – they won’t tell your darkest secrets – just that you might have some.


The shape of your eyes can tell us a lot about who you are as a person. It will reveal how big your ego is too. Almond shaped eyes are often thought to be a representation of a confident and charismatic person. People with round eyes are typically creative, imaginative, and inspired.


If your eyes are very deep set you are likely to hide from other people. You are careful what you reveal about yourself too. Being a very intense person, you tend to keep your feelings and thoughts to yourself. People with very prominent eyes are typically loud, joyful, and curious. They are always looking to engage in conversation and compare with others.


The size of your eyes is a major factor in determining your enthusiasm. People with large eyes are typically passionate, open, and very good at taking advice. However, those with small eyes are typically reserved and don’t take other advice. The best way they learn is through trial and error, and they don’t need anyone to help them. They are also very wise and you can always learn much from their somber connotation.


People with wide-set eyes are the ones who go with the flow, and enjoy life. They live slowly and have little stress. They are relaxed individuals while people with closer set eyes are tense. They are very traditional and do not appreciate the change. They enjoy routine!

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