Your True Personality Revealed by the Length Of Your Pinky Finger…

Some say that our eyes are the windows to our souls. They say you can tell someone’s true intentions by looking them straight in the eyes. Have you ever wondered what other parts of the human body could be saying? Does the length of the nose truly divulge a liar? Perhaps the shape of someone’s chin determines their ability to focus? I could bet no one has ever thought that their pinky finger held such information. It’s beautifully mysterious and absolutely amazing, the realization that our lives undoubtedly are predestined.

The photo below shows three different shapes of the little finger. Compare yours and your friends and families to see which types you have. I wonder if this resonates with anyone else…

Type A:

People who have this type are rough around the edges. They present a hard exterior to shield their emotional vulnerability. These are the people who suffer from “Resting Bitch Face” most often. Others mistake them for being rude and arrogant, yet on the inside they are empathetic, trustworthy, driven and a little crazy at times.

Type B:

The ones who fall into this category are the nicest. These people are highly in tune with their emotions, and put a lot of value on doing the right thing. Loyalty and trust are priority. Their biggest fear is heartache, and they hide an ocean of emotion in the name of not breaking anyone else’s.

Type C:

These people are the spontaneous, and are extremely ambitious. Constantly mistaken for bossy, it’s this type that is the least open minded. While they respect others opinions, they do not allow anyone to keep them achieving their dreams.

This article was inspired by an amazing one here.

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