reality: Just something I found interest(in)

Just something I found interest(in)

There is a deeper message of life that lays around us at every moment. Riding in a car I was thinking about this, then began to look. First I noticed a corn field and thought “Ah one individual cornstalk added to the rest makes the field, its a field of individual cornstalks”. Then I looked at the forest, “all it is, is a forest, but every tree makes the forest and look at this huge life, support life outside of itself”. Then I noticed the road we were traveling down, “Ah we are headed somewhere but the road is being take one step at a time.” This stuck with me today and I had a thought about writing it earlier and here I am now, discovering where it will take me one line at a time.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

The thought that’s next stemming from the one before, you see life is so harmonious and tranquil when you stop to see it, when you look to notice it at every direction and in every moment of time. People misunderstand truth so much, it is a taboo to those who have not caught a glimpse of what truth is and I was one of those people at the time but I did not let my ignorance sheath me from trying to understand the message of the Buddha and Jesus. The message that all these great spiritual people that people looked up to, live by so much. I looked at that situation and wanted to be the example rather than wanting to live by the example. I grasped the context of what spirituality was saying when I first sought to see the message, but only grew my understanding as I looked to. Its so ironic because when you seek truth the seeking is what makes you miss it, but at the same time your seeking allows you to look back and see the truth you missed. That is why after you seek it so much you come to only seeing it and not seeking it, you begin to live the truth. You can only see something now, you have to still your mind to the silence of the present moment. When you have, you have obtained “the end of suffering” that Buddha spoke of.

You see its so interesting obtaining this peace because it gives you the capability to understand anything in this realm, and what I’m thinking of as I’m saying that is dimensions. Dimensions are something that confuse people so strongly but dimensions are just mere matters of reality. You see a lot of us on a individual level create a dimension of our own that we live in, you see the moment of present is the only one that is their in our lives and when we make our minds out of the stillness of the present we create a new dimension of reality, we hold things of the past and think about them after they have happened, that is making a reality different from the present moment. We stress and think about the future, that makes us miss the present moment of time, it is ridiculous how we create a reality outside of the presence because the presence is peace, it is where the mind observes and does not give its take, it only listens. That observing factor to the mind and situations around you, is who you are. That is the awareness that is behind the dimension of reality, it is the awareness that is behind your thoughts and your emotions, if you attach to that then you will come to notice that you have became alive, you have become an awake human being. You awoke from your imagination of self identification, to see the identification itself.

I have been awake for some time now and it only intensifies and grows it does not go away. This awareness is something I am trying to help people come out of their dream state to see life, to witness life. I want to help others come to the level of understanding I have obtained for myself so that they can enjoy the amazing miraculous workings of life and enjoy it how ever they wish too.

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