Rhythm: The Art of Creating Rhythm

The Art of Creating Rhythm

Rock your head *snap* Rock your head *snap* Now sway ya body, Now sway ya body *snap* Rock your body *snap* Rock your body *snap*.

One hell of A thesis sentence right? Rhythm is nothing but timed movements. Its so much fun to just create these movements and lose yourself in them. I know A lot of us just blandly feel that they just don’t have rhythm. That is absurd because we all have the power to create our own unique rhythm. You must move and sway following the motion of your self rather than just forcing yourself to do so.

I’m pretty sure crafting rhythm is a very good tool to raise your vibration because making rhythm makes you become in tune with yourself. The making of rhythm can be done with anything. Having A clear mind is basically all you need to become harmonious. When you are working with music clear minded, you find that it just comes to you. You don’t search for that perfect sound you feel that sound inside of you. From playing the piano I’ve learned that the sounds guide you through to finding them. In the moment you’re creating the sound there is nothing. It’s still, then the rhythmic pattern comes across your mind allowing you to repeat what it is that you just have done. You teach yourself how to play. You get guided into playing a rhythm that your soul wants you to hear but only if you allow it to. Rhythm is a beautiful thing and is something that we all have the ability to enjoy. Rhythm is a pattern you create. A pattern that you feel. Rhythm is one of the best gifts that we all are blessed with.

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