Meditation | The Silent Gap between Thoughts

The Silent Gap between Thoughts

Have you ever experienced the hard to describe feeling of utter contentment? It is not a new concept to me and it emerges at unsuspected times; while driving down the road being in awe of nature’s beauty; taking a power-nap and finding myself in a state of complete conscious relaxation, not wanting to awaken; or simply by silently observing my family and feeling the most sincere and pure love for other human beings. For me, these are all examples of the intrinsic deep knowledge that something bigger than myself does exist.

How would we define this ‘something bigger’ though? Is it God? Is it the unified energy field? The Universe? Or is it even more than that?

Physicians and physicists found themselves to be witnesses of this phenomenon alike. Their reactions, however, differ, depending on one’s belief in the realm that we cannot scientifically explain – yet or never will be. The American geneticist Francis Collins, for example, noted: “I became an atheist because, as a graduate student studying quantum physics, life seemed to be reducible to second-order differential equations. Mathematics, chemistry and physics had it all. And I didn’t see any need to go beyond that.”

Others see that there is room for more, like author Marianne Williamson, who writes: “Old Newtonian physics claimed that things have an objective reality separate from our perception of them. Quantum physics, and particularly Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle, reveal that, as our perception of an object changes, the object itself literally changes.”

Science has tried to study spontaneous remission, for instance. Is in these cases a change in perception (our thinking) followed by a change in the object (our bodies)? Does spontaneous healing coincide with a transformation in thought? Indeed, studies have resulted in one common thread. All individuals who have experienced spontaneous remissions had reported a prior shift in consciousness (Chopra, 1989). Dr. Chopra continues in his book Quantum Healing: “[…] subject reality and object reality are tightly bound together. When the mind shifts, the body cannot help but follow.” Of course, for us objective reality seems much more fixed than subjective reality, as we cannot touch our thoughts, our mind, and our egos like we can hold on to a chair or even a person. For myself, however, I do believe in the powerful connection between invisible energy fields and the more observable, matter-based scientific domain.

This is where the ‘Silent Gap between Thoughts’ springs into action, as it ‘solves’ the question of how to move from objective to the subjective reality. We cannot simply board a train and purchase a ticket to the end of our consciousness. Some have managed to enter the silent gap through meditation. In fact, multiple studies have shown physical changes in our bodies, which do not even depend on our experience level in meditation. The benefits are measurable and proven. The same holds true for Reiki. More and more hospitals and care facilities employ this Japanese energy technique of the “Healing Touch.” And even the prestigious Institute of Noetic Sciences remarks the “great strides [that] have been made in the study of complementary and alternative medicine. [Despite the fact though,] our health care system remains primarily disease-centered rather than focused on whole-person healing (2016).

In its essence, this article should point out the miniscule but not inconsequential in-between state of the conscious realm we find ourselves in and the space where time and matter does not exist. A state in which we are not awake, nor asleep, or dreaming, but the mere silent gap between the thoughts where our most inner intelligence can shine and take control – if we allow it to happen.


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