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Happily Ever After…

Think about your favorite bedtime story. You know the one…. the one that ends with happily ever after…Now think to what is the last thought that runs through your head before you go to sleep as an adult.  Is it thoughts of rainbows, fairies, magic, miracles, love and happy endings? I didn’t think so…

Here are ten tips to help you dream yourself to your happy ever after! Because if you go to sleep in a positive, happy, grateful frame of mind, your whole life can change.

You spend on average 7 hours a day asleep.  So it makes since to give yourself 5 minutes to help put yourself in the best mood possible before you rest.  It is like meditation, when you reach that point of stillness, joyousness, complete peace your feel like you gain hours to your day – so why not feel like you have gained hours to your sleep!

  1. Day Dream

Permission to daydream, to fanaticize about things you find beautiful, about your goals, the life you are going to have, all the things you will achieve.  Build yourself your dream life.

  1. Music

I find music really helps me to daydream.  However I am very sensitive, so I make a play list with feel good music that inspires me or reminds me of fun times.  Look for lyrics that resonate with you, songs that make you feel empowered!

  1. Visualize

Now put yourself there, center stage.  Just you in your stillness, in your empowered life built of everything you love and value.  See yourself, see those you welcome into your vision.

  1. Affirmations

Tell yourself everything about you that is special and that you are proud of.  It may be something you achieved that day, a way you’re reacted, an action, an act that you are proud of.  When we tell yourself how nice, loving, smart, successful we are before sleep, it locks the messages into our subconscious – helping us to believe them more and more and in turn make them a reality.

  1. Fairy Tales

Read your favorite childhood book, or watch your favorite movie.  You use to know what made you feel good, and you use to have no worries about making time for it! Young you was smart! Allow yourself time to connect with your inner child and be inspired, carefree and happy.

  1. Make a List

Make a list of things you love, things you are proud of, things you have achieved, and things you are going to achieve.

  1. Send someone a positive message

Send someone a positive text, email or write him or her a letter telling them all the things you admire in them.  Give out some love!

  1. Relive the good (Like your life flashing before your eyes)

You know how they say your life flashes before your eyes when you die? Well, imagine that you are seeing your life like this – you are running a quick cut edit of the happiest moments of your life.  Enjoy it – you made the whole movie!

  1. Tell yourself what tomorrow is going to be

Decide what your day will be.  Tell yourself.  Believe it.

  1.  Gratitude

Close your eyes thinking about all the people, lessons and life experiences you are grateful for.



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