Empowered Living with Lauren Abraham | Fitness Model, TV Host, Motivational Speaker and More

Lauren Abraham, Fitness Model, Pro Paddle Boarder, Athlete, TV Host and overall Empowered Woman

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<p><strong>My Empowered World</strong> is excited to bring you this week’s guest, <strong>Lauren Abraham</strong>. She is an x pro-snowboarder, recently became a professional stand up paddle boarder with Poseidon SUP, TV Host and actions sports commentator, celebrity fitness model, certified yoga therapist, life empowerment coach, personal trainer, motivational speaker, and consultant. She is the creator of “Extreme Lifestyle, Extreme Body” a self-empowerment program for women. In 2009, Lauren was the US national brand ambassador for Reebok and Cirque De Soleil’s launch of Jukari, and oversaw operations at the celebrity studio in Hollywood, CA. Lauren Abraham aims to empower and inspire people to embrace their uniqueness and live healthy lives. Abraham has spent the last 8 years coaching people to transform and love themselves. Be sure to listen to this week’s show below on Empowering Radio with Lauren Abraham.</p>
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    Empowering Interview with Lauren Abraham

    You have accomplished so many amazing things in you life from being a pro-snowboarder to now professional stand up paddle surfer, a TV Host and action sports commentator, a celebrity fitness model with tons of international magazine publications, a certified yogi, a motivational speaker, owning your own dace company and fashion line, and the list goes on. Give us a little background to how everything got started for you?

    I’m from the pacific north west and was raised there until I left for Lake Tahoe when I graduated from high school and pursued my snowboarding career. I was put on skis at the age of 3 and was racing by 6. I turned to the rebellious side and started snowboarding at 13 and was fully sponsored and competing by 15. I knew it was what I wanted to do full time so I pursued it with my whole heart. I grew up with several brothers and with parents that always pushed me to be my best and not settle for anything half done.

    Sports were a big part of your youth. Who inspired you? Who did you look up to? What was the driving force in your life?

    I was inspired by the back country bog mountain riders and skiiers at the time that were local to my ski area, but that had made a name for themselves in the industry.  People like Glen Plake, from Lake Tahoe, Temple and Matt Cummins from my home mountain, Crystal Mountain and legends like snowboard Jamie Lynn and Terje Hakonsen. I remember being invited back for my second to the baker bank slalom at 19 years, because I took 4th the year before and having my name on the invite with Terje and the top snowboarders in the world… I was very happy to show that off thats for sure.


    What does it take to compete at a professional level?

    A lot has changed since I was competing. When I was growing up, it was more about the party and who could hang in there the next day… now the money is so grand, that it’s not taken lightly and the training has completly changed. We went from partying all summer at Mt Hood, to now serious fitness training and diet regimens… we have learned a lot over the years. I am happy to be in the state of a healthy mind set now with my stand up paddle surfing and not just blowing it off to party all night and drink beer at the beach… but instead to stay healthy in my diet and do yoga and get as much water time as possible.

    What techniques do you use to stay focused?

    Well honestly, my biggest source of staying focused is beleiveing in myself, trusting the process and realizing that anything is possible. I have been show this over and over again. My biggest strength is my persistance and ridiculous amount of drive. I am constantly thinking of ways to push my self to higher levels and I do this by getting out of my comfort zone and taking chances and risks… yes I fall down and get hurt along the way, but that is where my growth comes from. I have truly learned that my successses are my failures and vice versa. Another huge emotional break through I have had recently is I don’t let much get me upset or off my path of happiness. Granted broken hearts, financial stress and health can take it’s emotional toll on us and it does on me for sure, but everything else is easily just a head shake and not a big deal. My life is amazing, becasue I have worked my butt off to make it this way, things could be a lot worse, and I know this because I have personally been there.

    How do you train day to day?

    Surf, yoga, stairs, repeat! 🙂

    Any healthy lifestyle requires a healthy diet, what is your secret?

    I eat clean all day to mother natures source, meaning I eat totally natural and organic and stay away from processed foods for the most part. I have an amazingly decadent sweet tooth that I indulge in every night, but it’s for high quality yumminess, nothing you buy in a bag or a box.  So basically lots of organic meats, Fresh organic veggies and tons of dark chocolate or frozen yogurt.

    What has been the biggest challenge in your life?

    I don’t even know where to begin with that honestly. Addiction, sports injuries, career loss & changes, family stuff, being in the most cut throat industry I could be in… etc…

    Everyone has one moment where everything changes, what inspirational moment in your life Empowered you to change directions?

    When I hit rock bottom in my life with a horrible drug and alcohol addiction.

    What do you see as your contribution to the future of Women’s sports?

    I think I show that you can stay true to your heart and be who you are no matter what the “trends” or “way your supposed to be” is. I have stayed feminine in my action sports and I have stayed true to my heart in the fitness world and have bridged a gap by showing you dont have to live in the gym and have a strict, by the book diet to stay in shape. I do what I feel and have turned all my passions into a lifestyle that I love to wake up and live daily.

    What do you feel is your strongest influence on others in live an Empowered Life?

    Continuing to show that anything and everything is possible if you work for it, put your mind to it and believe. I have been at the bottom of the barrel a few times and managed to crawl out of the hole of hell and make my way back to heaven.

    What is your favorite inspiring quote?

    I’ve got so many! You can check them all out on my Instagram! @laurenabraham


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