21 Natural Constipation Cures

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21 Natural Constipation Cures

By Liza Dupont

There is no easy way to explain the suffering that you feel when you’re constipated. Not only do you feel like everything hurts, but you feel like nothing fits. You always have to go to the washroom and end up just leaving frustrated because nothing has changed. Not only do you feel irritable, but you’ve lost your appetite, can’t sleep and can’t go about your daily routine without feeling miserable. There are so many natural ways to get relief fast that you probably just haven’t heard of before. These twenty constipation cures for natural relief will have you feeling like you in no time. Take action and fight that constipation now.

1) Bananas –Eat them mashed with a warm glass of milk before bed.

2) Walking – Sometimes your body just needs to move around to get things going.

3) Lemons – Juiced or cut up into slices and put into a glass of water, these are a powerful natural laxative.

4) Cabbage – Try having a coleslaw salad at home. The more fresh and raw the cabbage the sooner it will work.

5) Castor Oil – Dilute a few drops of castor oil into a glass of warm water. Keep a bathroom close by.

6) Kale – This green helps clean out your intestines fast. Again, best eaten raw.

7) Brussels Sprouts – These are great for getting your blockage moving.

8) Probiotic Yogurt – Make sure it says ‘probiotic’ on the container. Have at least three a day after a meal.

9) Stretching – Promoting blood circulation can help your bowels get moving. Focus on stretching your sides and areas around your hips and lower back.

10) Evening Primrose Oil – This can be taken as a supplement, a tincture or sometimes in a tea.

11) Spinach – Great for cleaning your intestines, try to eat your spinach raw and fresh. Consider adding spinach to a fruit smoothie to get rid of constipation immediately.

12) Honey – A mild natural laxative, this guy is full of sugar. Try to not have more than three tablespoons and enjoy before bed with a glass of warm water.

13) Black Strap Molasses – This cure is really strong. Try two tablespoons and keep a bathroom nearby.

14) Strawberries – All berries are high in antioxidants and will help you clean out your system. Always go for fresh and raw and avoid processed fruits or anything in syrup.

15) Bran – Try raw bran cereal, or anything that is low in sugar and high in fiber. Bran muffins won’t do the trick. Try and stick as close to raw bran as you can.

16) Dates – Six dates a day will keep you regular, guaranteed.

17) Beans – They make you pass gas because they’re such a strong natural laxative. Avoid any sauces and try to just eat the beans plain for the best results.

18) Water – Hydrate. At least a liter or more of water a day when you’re feeling blocked up will help make your life easier.

19) Oranges – Eat oranges raw, use orange juice in smoothies or just drink raw fresh orange juice.

20) Prune Juice – This is strong juice, make sure you don’t drink too much and stay at home until the effects hit.

21) Raspberry Leaf Tea – Try this one out as a supplement or a steeped tea.

With these twenty-one constipation cures, you can breathe easy knowing that relief is on the way. Not only are these natural ways to get relief fast, now you don’t have to worry about chemical side effects. Try these at home today and you’ll feel results instantly.

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