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Regardless of your age this applies to you.  You can be 60 or 6 for all I care! Abandonment affects anyone who has been left behind.  Divorced, adopted, broken up, fostered, rejected…

I’m 27 and my abandonment issues are always popping up as I live my day-to-day life! And while I use to let it define me, I use to hate it, seeing it as a problem I had, a bruise I could never get rid of in recent years I’ve come to realize its actually quite the opposite!

Abandonment is without a flutter of doubt a gift! An experience, a lesson that has shifted my life and propelled me forward in life.  And it was when I made this distinction between pity to gift that my life changed.  I was now open to miracles, and aware of my life purpose and the opportunities I had been handed rather than seeing it as hurt, seeing what I didn’t have, what I missed out on.  You could say I made the switch.

I share these lessons with you to help you in your journey through abandonment, and to help you to receive the gift at the end of the road you have been left to walk on! Keep walking, miracles await you…

Please share this with anyone you know who is on this journey too….

10 lessons in life

to pass onto other abandoned souls….

Lesson 1 – Foster throughout your life – you never have to walk through life alone. Your family doesn’t have to be blood…

Lesson 2 – Acknowledge your experiences – take time to reflect on the events from your life and more importantly what you have learned from those experiences.

Lesson 3 – Appreciate the people and things around you.  Thank them and show them you are grateful. The more love you give, the more you’ll receive!

Lesson 4 – Invest in yourself – and by invest I don’t mean with money, I mean believe in yourself, your goals and what you can achieve!

Lesson 5 – Manifest your life – picture what you want, visualize, vision boards, talk about it, ask for it and watch as miracles happen.

Lesson 6 – Be open to receiving and grateful for miracles in your life.

Lesson 7 – Give – whether it is your time, your advice, your energy, make an effort to help others.  The ironic thing about sharing is the more you give the more you get.

Lesson 8 – Understand that the universe, God, angels what ever you prefer to call it has your back! There is a grand order to things and everything will unfold as it is meant to.  If its not good, you’re not at the end yet. Exciting ha!

Lesson 9 – Recognize others who are following in your footsteps and help them in their journey. We live our experiences so we can teach from them.

Lesson 10 – Inspire! Inspire yourself and others! Share inspiring stories, messages, quotes, videos that will help other abandoned souls.

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