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Everyone leads. Even the most introverted person has followers. Whether you are young or old, you influence your family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors.

In order to be an Empowered Leader, you must…

1. Be humble. Yes. That is the starting line for a GREAT leader. A humble leader knows how to bring the best out of the worst. They are kind to the least, the poor, or the broken. They are quick to recognize and extinguish pride in their own lives.

2. Delegate. Great leaders know their own limitations and are able to delegate. They surround themselves with other GREAT leaders. They are not intimidated or jealous by the gifts and talents of others–they are excited to partner with them!

3. Love and forgive quickly. Those who have loved much and forgiven much, especially when others didn’t deserve it, are the greatest healers. When a parent, coach, or teacher generously and quickly extends forgiveness toward another, they are giving someone an incredible opportunity to change! Great leaders are compassionate.

4. Be prompt. GREAT leaders “do it now;” they don’t procrastinate or delay. They overcome their fears or laziness by being prompt and timely with their responses and their attendance.


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