Survival | The Trap of Settling for Survival Mode

survival mode

Safety and security are important. However, one soon learns that obsessively pursuing external material needs at the expense of self-growth leaves behind an internal vacuum of mixed emotions and mental confusion.

Consciously approaching and understanding these internal signals is what will propel you into a domain of personal empowerment, progress, and exciting growth that most are unable to even perceive.


Having Weak Goals is Dangerous!

Simply put, if you have weak, fuzzy, or unclear goals – it’s going to be very hard for you to feel inspired and motivated to take action.

As a result, most people will by default slip into “survival mode”, whereby they’ll simply resort to making the acquisition of material resources a priority.

Instead of facing the true challenges that are calling out from within them, they anesthetize themselves with external distractions.

Then, they reach a point where despite the amount of money or possessions they’ve accumulated, they still don’t feel fulfilled. In fact, they might even find that the more they amass on the outside, the worse they feel on the inside.

This is a life lesson that many people are all too familiar with, and it can be remedied entirely with a simple “shift” in the focus of your conscious awareness.


Getting “Stuck in Survival Mode”

I know I literally just said this, but it needs to be restated:

Instead of facing the true challenges that are calling out from within them, most people anesthetize themselves with external distractions. Then, they reach a point where despite the amount of money or possessions they have, they don’t feel fulfilled.

This is because you can never find genuine fulfillment in external resources, due to the fact that they are unstable by their very nature.

External resources are temporary, because they require internal resources to generate and sustain them in the first place.

Fulfillment is a constant.

External resources and circumstances are not.

True security arises from a genuine sense of fulfillment, which is always independent of external circumstances. 

True security begins and ends within you, via your ability to consciously exercise your internal resources.

Therefore, if you prioritize cultivating your internal resources, you thereby create the conditions necessary to allow external resources to flow more efficiently toward you.

If you prioritize acquiring money and other material assets ahead of cultivating and strengthening your internal resources (knowledge, skill set, experience, etc.), you’ll be met with increasingly frustrating and demotivating experiences, because you’re actively approaching life from a level of scarcity.

Scarcity consciousness views everything as a potential threat to security. Bills are seen as threats. Unexpected expenses are feared, because they could require more than you currently have. Money is tight, only buy what you need.

If you understood that how you relate to life is how it’s going to “relate back to you”, you’d stop behaving this way immediately.

Unfortunately, the temporary material rewards for following this path are often enough to keep people blinded from what’s actually going on.


Internal v.s. External Resources

Let’s take a quick moment to discern some of the differences between internal and external resources.

See how well these align with your perceptions of your current reality and circumstances, and try and envision them in ways that might allow you to expand said perception, and invite the process of growth:

External Resources: money (assets, land, home, etc.), people, places, food, technology (including transportation).

Internal Resources: conscious awareness, creativity, knowledge, passion, individuality, attitude/mindset/perception, intelligence, confidence, discipline.

Notice how all of the external resources are things that depend entirely upon the responsible organization of your internal resources.

Even if you unconsciously ignore this fact, your negative emotional response to being unconscious is in itself a “wake up” alarm, alerting you that your perceptions require a bit of fine-tuning.

Your thinking, feeling, and doing are unaligned with your higher purpose, so you naturally manifest all sorts of knotted confusion and incongruent experiences as a result.

Your being behaves more like a clogged pipe than an open highway for optimal “flow” of more liberating thoughts.

If you’ve bought into the programmed assumption that acquiring as much money as possible is your highest calling in life, you’re in a deeper hole than you probably assume.

The more important of a priority that you make money, the more equal and opposite of a “turn around” tugging you’re going to feel as you tread deeper and deeper down that path.

You’re trying to build a house starting from the outside, and using only the shingles; you have no actual foundation.

You’re operating under an unstable system that’s designed to collapse.

And it will, time and time again.


Why This is Incredibly Empowering

Instead of falling for the either/or trap like most people will, let’s instead take a closer look at what’s actually going on here.

People behave unconsciously, and let seemingly intelligent logic guide them toward a perceived “path of least resistance” between themselves and let’s say, a desired amount of money.

So, they place full priority of focus on acquiring external resources, believing this is all that’s needed in order to feel truly fulfilled.

As we’ve explored above, however, the exact opposite is true. It often creates more of a mess and only adds to the frustration. This is the metaphysical equivalent of being caught in a Chinese finger trap.

However, the solution to all of this is to instead begin placing full conscious focus on increasing and improving your inner resources.

These are the things which are actually responsible for determining the level of use you’re able to make out of external opportunity, and thereby generate external resources for yourself. Everything begins and ends within you.

When you ignore this and follow society’s back-asswards dogma of “get money first, live happily ever after”, you’re perpetuating the survival mindset.

This is not living; this is merely perpetuating your own existence.

What’s even more empowering is the fact that even if all of your external resources fall away in some major catastrophic event – your internal resources remain unaffected!

You’re then able to simply keep using your internal resources as you’ve always used them, and those external resources will naturally replenish themselves as a result.

This is the highest form of personal circumstantial immunity possible, because your internal resources are what generate your external resourcesand you are in complete control of your internal resources!

By focusing on improving your internal resource of knowledge, you increase your awareness of the opportunity present in your environment.

This new awareness can help you earn more money in the long run.

You wouldn’t have reached this conclusion if you were too busy just chasing money in circles, nose to the ground.

If you consciously focus on increasing your internal resource of creativity, you might come up with faster, easier, more efficient ways of earning money for yourself.

These creative solutions might free you entirely from the frustrations you face from having a day job. That might be the entire source of your frustration all together, and the entire “knot” of problems is then solved.

None of that could have happened if you instead prioritized external resources ahead of internal ones…

…And yet, that’s exactly what most people do.

The solution?

Don’t be most people. 😉


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