What is Your intuitive Type? | An Intuition Quiz

What is your Intuitive Type

What is your Intuitive Type

Take The Empowering Team’s simple quiz to discover your dominant type of intuition. Knowing if your intuition comes to you as images, sounds, or feelings can help you deepen and expand the use of your intuition for guidance in improving your life.

Take our quiz to help you determine your Intuitive type.

What is your intuitive type?



Which of the following applies.

I am very visualI often hear what I should do nextI get a gut feeling about things

Would you say…

I have always had a great imaginationWhen I have been in class or when a questions is raised I usually hear and answerI have a feeling about things

and which answer applies to you…

When I am working I hear answers but don’t know whyUsually I see something in my minds eye then hear an answerI don’t hear or see things in my mind

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