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Ascension energy changes  are affecting many of us and   causing us to rethink our life and what we want from life. Everything we once thought was normal, comfortable, and  part of our daily life, including  our home, job, family, and friends, has been turned upside down,  causing us to question everything, especially who and what we have in our lives.

During ascension, there can be a sudden need to want to be on our own, to leave our job and find something more satisfying  and fulfilling. There is a feeling that everything you currently have is wrong. These feelings are normal and are felt by many, even myself. If you are concerned about these feelings, look at what is bothering you, and do something constructive, and  proactive. If you feel the urge to make drastic changes follow your intuition and be guided by your heart. Listen to what your soul needs to feel balanced and feel what your spirit needs to be set free.

Letting go of the past

One of the difficult parts of the ascension process is letting go of the past. The ascension energy draws a lot of difficulties from your past. These difficulties can resurface without you realising it, for example, you may feel, “out of sorts” or in a bad mood and not really know why or what has caused it. Practice sitting in silence and go within, you will start to see past issues staring at your soul and spirit, waiting for you to acknowledge and address them, so you can free yourself from your past. Realising this, opens you up to begin to work on issues from your past that need to be resolved or forgiven.  You begin to heal the subconscious part of you that holds all your past experiences buried so deep, that you forget about most of them, or at least try to. You can then begin to let go and free yourself of any past entrapment that has stopped you from positively moving forward in life. You can’t always forget everything negative that happened in your past, but you can deal with the issues that may be hampering the growth of your soul and spirit. This will help change how you feel and act in your present life.


The most difficult part of the ascension journey is the point at which you begin to analyse your life; who is in it, what you are doing in your career, relationships, home life, and where you live.  Look at self as well.  This deep analysis of life may make you feel that you want and NEED to change. Questioning and analysing your life is a natural part of the ascension process,  however with it comes confusion, uncertainty, doubts, worries, concerns and fears. This is only natural when change comes quite drastically. It is literally like stripping everything away and becoming a new-born, once again. You may feel the need to literally change everything in your life. Letting go of the past will allow you to experience internal healing.

Struggle’s within your personal relationships and work situations can cause problems in both your personal and professional life.  Wanting change or to be on your own is a common symptom for many going through this letting go process.  l would give you this advice: follow your intuition and heart. Look within your soul  to seek the answers you need and ask your spirit to guide you.

Closing Note – This cleansing and letting go process is what l call, “therapy for our soul and spirit,” and allows us to honor and respect ourselves along with our needs and wants. It is a time to listen to what you want, not what others want or need from you, but what you need for you. Even though this can be a very stressful time, see it as a very deep therapy that will beneficially transform your life, allowing you to move forward to the next stage of the ascension process and your spiritual journey, with freedom and a new lease on life.

We are all spirit’s having a physical experience. Our soul and spirit reminds us of who and what we are. Honoring our self and our soul leads us to higher vibrations. Through this process we enter a new way of living, thinking, and acting. We begin to find balance within and experience a  deeper understanding of ourselves, the world and the universe, allowing us to connect with one another in oneness.

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