Infosomatics | New Spiritual Science to Improve Quality of Life


There is a lot of research trying to provide proof about our world being a hologram and our thoughts being material. One thing seems to remain constant throughout history. Practice is the sole criteria for testing the truth. Thus, if a certain theory works in practice, it seems that spending too much time on finding a 100% rational explanation will be wasting time and energy of a human brain.

The human brain being one of the most mysterious and unknown creations still has its limits. In order to understand how the human brain works we still need to use that same brain. There are things that lie beyond our common understanding. However, it doesn’t mean that we should stop searching for ways to explain how things really work and find happiness.

 “People who learn to control inner experience will be able to determine the quality of their lives, which is as close as any of us can come to being happy.
~ Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

For us to be able to “control” our life we do need to have a certain model of the hologram world that we are living in and be able to use our thoughts correctly in order to harmoniously fit into an ever-changing environment.

There is a new scientific field that can help us understand the levels of consciousness and the hologram world around us (or the field). Unfortunately it does not have support from the general scientific community yet. The name of this new scientific field that many people would still rather refer to as pseudo or spiritual science is Infosomatics. It is based on the research of the International Institute of Social Ecology. Infosomatics studies how the human brain and the human heart interact on the levels of higher consciousness. It gives practical explanations to how information together with powerful visualization techniques based on the Infosomatic model of our hologram world can influence our life. There is statistical proof that Infosomatic techniques, being very effective and dealing with health related problems, help people achieve better results in business and find fulfilling personal relationships.

spiritual science, infosomaticsSince human life can be simply described as the moment between the past and the future, the key to empowering the body, mind and spirit is to find our own unique point of here and now and stick to it.

Meditation and certain visualization techniques can help your brain to find that vital point of here and now. However, one also has to work on adapting the worldview so thoughts can harmoniously interact with the surrounding environment. We are always moving in space and time and to find success we need to know our past and plan our future while being in the Now and enjoying the experience of life as much as we can.


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