The Two Main Spiritual Paths: Life Science Versus Death Science

The Two Main Spiritual Paths: Life Science Versus Death Science Jade October 13, 2014 Spirituality No Comments


Spirituality and science are two realms that we have a hard time understanding because our society taught us at an early age that they are separated. Because of this, most of us have a hard time understanding who we truly are and what life truly is. The moment we start thinking that spirituality and science are two separate realms, we create a firewall that blocks the truth and prevents us from understanding what life truly is.

Spirituality and science are like two sides of one coin. They seem like they are separated but in reality they are not. Without the combination of spirituality and science, our Universe cannot exist because it will lack the spiritual energy to evolve, and the science to structuralize energy into physical matter. The evidence that shows how our Universe was created with spirituality and science can be seen in fractal geometry.

Below are two short videos that do a great job of showing how spirituality and science are utilized together to create life. If you have not heard of fractal geometry, I encourage you to watch the two videos because they may help find answers to questions that you have been seeking your whole life.

God’s Fingerprint

Arthur Clarke: Fractals – The Colors Of Infinity 1 of 6

These two videos clearly show evidence that the Universe and life within it were created by an intelligent Creator, and everything that exists in the material world has infinite geometric patterns known as fractal geometry. If mainstream scientists study fractal geometry at a deeper level, they will unlock many secrets of the Universe. They may even find proof that the Universe is holographic and infinite.

Life Science versus Death Science

Science plays an important role in our spiritual evolution, because its scientific laws are needed to give order to all the systems that make up our Universe, including our bodies. However, depending on what type of science is being used, it can disharmonize or destroy certain systems of our Universe.

The science that supports infinite systems is what I like to call Life Science. Life Science supports natural systems. Death Science supports artificial systems (systems that are created by exploiting nature, causing unnatural systems to manifest, such as unnatural black holes and wormholes). The Fibonacci golden mean spiral that the first video talks about is also based on Death Science, because it grows through recycling finite energy. Life Science supports the Krystal spiral, which is similar to the Fibonacci spiral except that the Krystal spiral is self-regenerating, giving it organic eternal life.

The paragraphs below go into great detail explaining the difference between Life Science and Death Science. They are extracted from my book Staradigm.

Most of our modern science is based on death science, which is why it supports black holes, wormholes and finite systems. There is nothing wrong with death science because it contains its own truth. But following the concept of death science will eventually lead to the death of a race and its planet, solar system and even its galaxy. This is why it is called death science. Our Milky Way galaxy is on the path of death science because it has a black hole at its center. The Milky Way galaxy used to be a natural galaxy because it did not have a black hole. The dying process of a galaxy takes billions of years to finish.

Reality fields that are based on Death Science have finite quantum energy, which means that they are unnatural and have finite life spans. These finite reality fields are known as phantom reality fields. A super massive phantom system, such as the Milky Way galaxy, takes billions of years to die, giving the illusion that it has an abundance of energy. Keep in mind that the Milky Way is already a few billion years old.

The major cause of death of a galaxy is permanent critical mass energy distortion of its natural energy template, causing an unnatural black hole to manifest at its center. This black hole will keep consuming the Milky Way’s energy and matter until it reaches a critical mass point. When this happens, it will implode and return everything in the Milky Way to space dust, including the souls who are bound to it.

The next three paragraphs are also extracted from Staradigm.

Being pulled into a phantom system does not mean that we would cease to exist or stop experiencing love. It just means that we would end up living and incarnating in a dying system that would eventually return to space dust or background energy. This path of space dust return is known as the path of fall or the path of descension, which supports death science. This path will eventually cause the destruction of your soul identity, returning it to space dust. The pure energy that makes up your soul will not be destroyed, but your memories and individual identity will be destroyed. All paths will eventually lead back to Creation, even the path of descension. However, the types of experiences associated with these paths will vary. For example, the path of descension is based on death science; therefore, it is a path of survival of the fittest.

As the quantum energy that supports phantom reality fields becomes more limited, it becomes harder for beings living in phantom reality fields to survive. To survive in phantom reality fields, beings will usually have to fight for survival, resulting in endless wars. Once the quantum energy of phantom reality fields is used up, the souls that are bound to these reality fields will return to space dust. Most human beings are on the path of descension because they have been conditioned to support Death Science without their knowledge. Plus, their light bodies are still too distorted to allow them to ascend to higher dimensions.

To be able to take the path of ascension, each of us must make the conscious choice to want to heal our light bodies and DNA. This healing can be achieved with the help of certain energy healing techniques. One of them is the Kathara Bio-Spiritual Healing System.

Once we understand the difference between Life Science and Death Science, we will realize that most of our modern science and religions are based on Death Science. We will also realize that many of the New Age teachings are based on Death Science. This is because most of the New Age leaders have been tricked by the negative forces into teaching the concept of Death Science without their knowledge. If those leaders were exposed to both Life Science and Death Science, many of them would choose to teach Life Science because it is the path of spiritual enlightenment. In other words, it is the path of eternal life.

There are many spiritual teachers in the New Age movement who are teaching ascension using the concept of Death Science. True ascension cannot be achieved using Death Science because true ascension supports only infinite systems. In other words, immortality can only be achieved through Life Science. The reason for this is because Death Science supports only finite systems, which will eventually lead to the destruction of those systems.

Certain levels of ascension can be achieved using Death Science, but it cannot truly help us ascend out of time and space. To truly ascend back to Creation as an enlightened being, we need to be able to ascend out of time and space. This can only be possible with the help of Life Science Ascension. Scientists and spiritual teachers who only teach Death Science do not understand how the Universe truly works. The Death Science teachings from those teachers could eventually help cause the extinction of the human race.

Races that have followed the path of Death Science to the point where they have deviated themselves from the eternal life force current of Creation are known as fallen races. Some of those fallen races can become very destructive. The limitation of Death Science was put in place by Creation to prevent fallen races from becoming immortal. If those races could become immortal, they could destroy our Universe. Please be aware that not all fallen races are malevolent and have similar dark agendas.

When a civilization follows the concept of death science, it will still evolve but its evolution has limitation. In other words, it cannot truly achieve ascension and return back to Creation as an enlightened being. This is because death science teachings distort the original energy template upon which the body manifests into physicality.

As long as there is distortion in the body’s original energy template, full DNA activation is not possible; therefore, true ascension is also not possible. However, a sentient being who live in a death science society can break away from that society by making the conscious choice to implement Life Science into its life before the energy distortion in its original energy template reaches critical mass.

Which spiritual path is right for you

If you are a person who loves life, peace, freedom, and cooperation, and has a heart fill with light, you would do better in a system that is based on Life Science. If you are a person who loves to experience a lot of wars, violence, competition, conflicts and control, you would do better in a system that is based on Death Science. There is nothing wrong with choosing Death Science, but to follow this path with all your heart will lead to more experiences that involve pain and suffering. If you are not careful, it could eventually lead to the destruction of your soul identity.

Our solar system’s reality fields are becoming more and more like phantom reality fields. For this reason, if you want to take the path of Life Science or the path of ascension, you will need to learn how to heal your light bodies and “junk DNA” before the distortions of Earth’s energy fields reach critical mass. How fast we will reach this point of critical mass will depend on which science we support more. If we keep supporting Death Science and destroying nature, we will reach this point of critical mass quicker. If we decide to change our way of thinking and support Life Science, we can prolong this point of critical mass or stop it completely.

Since the human race has been conditioned to support Death Science without its knowledge, if you want to increase your chance of achieving true ascension, you will need to take actions in this life time to heal your light bodies and DNA. Ascension does not involve merely asking Creation (God) to forgive you for your sins or thinking positively and being automatically chosen to ascend. If it were that easy, you would have graduated from this dimension a long time ago. Like graduation, it takes dedication and work to ascend.

If we fail to ascend, we will have a harder time of freeing ourselves from the life cycle of the Milky Way; therefore, we may not be able to achieve true salvation. Some of us believe that death will help free us, but death is not going to break the bond that links us to the Milky Way. This is because our souls are energetically bound to our home planet and galaxy.

The bond between a planet or a galaxy and its souls goes beyond the physical realm; therefore, it takes more than death to break this bond. If you are energetically bound to the Milky Way, one of the best ways to free yourself from the path of space dust return is through Life Science ascension.

By PL Chang

Thanks to Energy Fanatics for this article

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