Beware: Amalgam Fillings Proven To Release Mercury Vapor Into Your Body Constantly

The lungs and bloodstream absorb over 80% of mercury vapor from amalgam, reveals new study from the University of Calgary, Faculty of Medicine!

The vapor has almost immediate access to the cells after entering the bloodstream. Dental amalgam fillings are responsible for the majority of mercury contamination in people. 80% of adults, baby boomers primarily, have amalgam fillings that contain mercury vapor. The amount of mercury vapor released into the organism is around 4 to 40 micrograms per day. However, the quantity released in the body daily depends on the number of fillings, teeth grinding, filling size and also if the person has another metal incision in the mouth.

It’s impossible to avoid the release of mercury vapor from amalgam fillings as people perform activities every day that encourages the release of the chemical into their bloodstream. These everyday activities include eating, chewing gum, drinking hot tea or coffee and by having routine dental work done, such as having your teeth cleaned. Genetics and other health factors also have a significant influence on the amount of mercury vapor released into the body.

Mercury can damage many bodily functions, as we’ve seen. But the areas that suffer the most are our nervous, immune and cardiovascular systems, according to Dr. Russell Blaylock. The doctor also points out the increasing evidence in new studies which show the link between Alzheimer’s and mercury toxicity.

How to protect yourself.

15 to 20% of dental offices contain mercury vapor levels 10X higher than the current safety limit set by OSHA, based on an article published in the British Dental Journal (2001).

It’s recommended to search for a biological dentist in your area if you are not due to change your amalgam fillings. This could help you avoid unnecessary exposure to mercury vapor from someone else’s procedure because dental cleaning can also release mercury vapor in your dentist’s office.

Ensure safe Amalgam extraction.

Studies urge people to get their amalgam fillings replaced, and your dentist must comply with the safety protocols described by The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, these include:

Prevention of amalgam being swallowed or inhaled by using a rubber dam:

  • To avoid that amalgam particles and mercury vapor gets in contact with the patient skin and eyes, the dentist must cover the face with a barrier.

Administering nasal oxygen:

  • Using high volume suction in the operating area is appropriate.
  • The use of a saliva ejector behind the dam is suitable to evacuate any mercury vapor that passes through the dam.
  • To remove any stray amalgam particles, the dentist needs to rinse the dam thoroughly during amalgam removal.
  • The use of water during amalgam removal helps to cool down the amalgam which reduces the quantity of mercury vapor.
  • It’s appropriate to section the amalgam fillings into large chunks when removing it to lessen the disbursement of amalgam particulate aerosol.
  • Rinse the mouth area rigorously after removing the rubber dam.
  • The dental office needs to have a proper air filtration system.

Try to work with a nutritionist or naturopath and plan a healthy diet for your specific needs to avoid any adverse reaction while removing amalgam fillings.


Amalgam fillings are dangerous for your health. So if you still have these type of fillings, make sure you ask your dentist about removing them. Also, take a moment to tell your friends and family about the risks of mercury vapor to their health and well-being because they will find the information both helpful and useful.


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