Do You Love An Old Soul Pisces With Strong Intuition? Read This.

As the 12th and final sign of the zodiac, Pisceans represent completion of a cycle. As the last sign is the uniting factor in all of the zodiac they also represent unity and similar facets.

Pisceans are deeply empathic and they treat others with immense compassion and understanding. They’re usually mature old souls, and it is believed that they have been reincarnated several times over emulating a little piece of each life into their current one.

Like the symbol of two fish facing opposite directions, Pisces people are faced with a dichotomy in their existence. They have one foot in the earthly world and another in the ethereal.

With a wisdom beyond their years, Pisceans have a knack for prophecy. If you love a Pisces soul, you will eventually learn to pay heed to their words or advise or warning.




When it comes to relationships, nothing really compares to the passion and excitement the Pisces brings to the table. It is incomparable to any other relationship you may have been in before.

Famous Pisceans around the world are artists, musicians, poets, romantics, and several such artistic and mystical souls. The Pisces in your life may bring a similar mystical energy into your relationship and keep the romance alive for eternity.

Ruled by the enchanted planet of Neptune, there is an aura of mystery that always surrounds the Piscean soul. This makes them one of the most mysterious and spiritual people in the zodiac spectrum. They are dreamers. And they often wander off into their dream world from time-to-time letting their free spirit explore what they otherwise can’t in their waking life.

When Pisceans love, they seek a spiritual bond and a connection that almost seems ‘out of this world’. If they do form a connection with you, you will be the subject of their admiration and often be idolized by them. They love with all they heart and can metaphorically lose themselves in attempts to be worthy of your love.




What’s more? They have immense compassion for others and their inherent sense of empathy makes them connect with nearly everyone. While they are all in when they’re in love, there’s also a downside to their infinite passion. When they fall, they fall hard and their hearts shatter the hardest when they break.

However, if you give them enough time, they will get back on their feet and be ready to love again due to their tender forgiving hearts.

Being highly emotional souls, at the end of the day, all they want is a lover who can also double up as their best friend. Someone who can talk to them about the trivialities of life as well as the purpose of the universe and planetary positions. Having a Pisces partner is a rollercoaster ride of an experience, where the ups are far greater and more passionate than the downs.


Source: ElephantJournal

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