FBI Raids Firm that Procures Human Body Parts for Profit

The FBI has raided a Portland, Oregon-based company called MedCure that profits off of the dissection and distribution of body parts “donated” to science, mostly by poor people who cannot afford a proper burial or cremation.

Sources suggest the raid is not about the collection of donated body parts but concerns the way in which the parts are distributed. The FBI warrant was given on November 1st, and is sealed pending an ongoing investigation.

Reuter’s reports that all records from the company have been seized. Documents obtained under public-record laws between 2011-2015 reveal that MedCure has received more than 11,000 donated bodies and distributed more than 51,000 body parts to medical industry “customers” nationally.

In a current brochure, the company says that 80,000 additional people have pledged to donate their bodies to MedCure when they die.

MedCure is likely a body broker, minimally, a term used to describe businesses that profit by targeting people too poor to afford a burial or cremation, but other nefarious reasons for needing body parts or cadavers has been amply suggested.

As Annie Chenney suggests in her book, Body Brokers, Inside America’s Underground Trade in Human Remains, people like Arthur Rathburn accused of stacking human heads on his shelves, and renting out HIV-infected body parts to medical professionals, are commonplace. Some of these bodies are even stolen from graves, funeral homes, or hospital morgues.

MedCure’s website states,

What Does MEDCURE Do? MEDCURE provides services for whole body donors and medical professionals engaging in anatomical study.

MEDCURE serves as a bridge between those wanting to donate and the medical communities that depend on them to improve the health and lives of others. Together, these donors and medical professionals make lasting impacts on medicine’s future.”

Organ trafficking is a sad, but real business in the world, no less sadistic than live human trafficking. It is part of the dark under belly of medical science, funded by the satanic cabal.

Why organs?

Documented cases of organ trafficking have been unearthed in Indonesia, China, India, South Africa, Brazil, and many other countries. The demand for organs is extremely high. 123,000 men, women, and children are on the organ donor’s list right now. An average of 25 will die each day. There is a huge scramble to find organs, legitimate or otherwise, and sometimes people are killed in an attempt to get their organs, whole and intact, to those who will pay handsomely for them.

A single lung can fetch $175,000. A cornea from an eye? $30,000. If you needed a kidney? $62,000. A pancreas goes for around $95,000. You can see how quickly an entire, “healthy” cadaver, trafficked through an underground network, could add up to several million dollars in profit.

Disturbingly, the poorest slums of the world provide the largest numbers of human body parts to wealthy countries such as the U.S., Europe, Israel, and Canada. The UN is also looking into reports that ISIS, the wealthiest terrorist group ever, may be in the business of selling its victim’s organs. In early 2015 by the Iraqi ambassador to the United Nations, Mohamed Alhaki said that the Islamic State was harvesting human organs (particularly of small children) to finance its expansionist caliphate.

The entire infrastructure of the cabal is run with dark, dirty money – trafficked drugs, trafficked human body parts, trafficked humans (for sexual exploitation), trafficked slavery, etc.

Exposing even one company such as MedCure would help to start a landslide of exposure, no different than what is happening with the Pedogate fallout.  It’s a horrendous and sinister truth to face, but light shone in the blackest crevice, allows peace to prevail.

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