Our Galaxy is 50% larger than we thought, and it’s a Torus

Researchers have concluded that the Milky Way is 50% larger than we thought, and it’s a TORUS. Previously, it was believed that the galaxy was emanated out in a flat plane. However, new studies have shown it is not flat. 

It seems that we are constantly surprised by the wonders of our universe. It seems that theories and ideas which were considered as heretic hundreds of years ago have become a fact today, accepted by experts around the world. Knowledge doesn’t change, if anything it mutates and evolves depending on the amount of information we are willing to accept.

Having that said, a recent study has just discovered that the galaxy we live in, the Milky Way, is at least 50% large than previously believed. This is the conclusion of a group of international researchers who studied the Milky Way.

Geometrically speaking, a torus is a surface of revolution created by revolving a circle in three-dimensional space about an axis coplanar with the circle. If the axis of revolution does not touch the circle, the surface has a ring shape and is called a torus of revolution. (Source)

They discovered that the galactic disk is in fact contoured into several concentric ripples.

The density of light detected in the Milky Way reveals a rippling contour. (Source)

“in essence, what we found is that the disk of the Milky Way isn’t just a disk of stars in a flat plane—it’s corrugated“ (Source)

Previously, scientists believed that the galaxy was emanated out in a flat plane, a flat disc making up a relatively small piece in the infinite universe. However, new studies have shown its not flat.

According to the study:

“We show that in the anticenter region, between Galactic longitudes of 110?<l<229? there is an oscillating asymmetry in the main sequence star counts on either side of the Galactic plane using data from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. This asymmetry oscillates from more stars in the north at distances of about two kpc from the Sun to more stars in the south at 4-6 kpc from the Sun to more stars in the north at distances of 8-10 kpc from the Sun.

We also see evidence that there are more stars in the south at distances of 12-16 kpc from the Sun. The three more distant asymmetries form roughly concentric rings around the Galactic center, opening in the direction of the Milky Way’s spiral arms.

The northern ring, nine kpc from the Sun, is easily identified with the previously discovered Monoceros Ring. Parts of the southern ring at 14 kpc from the Sun (which we call the TriAnd Ring) have previously been identified as related to the Monoceros Ring and others have been called the Triangulum-Andromeda Overdensity.

The two nearer oscillations are approximated by a toy model in which the disk plane is offset by of the order 100 pc up and then down at different radii. We also show that the disk is not azimuthally symmetric around the Galactic anticenter and that there could be a correspondence between our observed oscillations and the spiral structure of the Galaxy. Our observations suggest that the TriAnd and Monoceros Rings (which extend to at least 25 kpc from the Galactic center) are primarily the results of disk oscillations.”

We are connected to the universe

It turns out that the mainstream dogmas set in place by ‘scholars’ during the last couple of decades are being rapidly replaced by a new and fresh source of information and knowledge that gradually changes everything we know about our race, civilization, planet, solar system, galaxy ad universe.

The fact that everything about the Milky Way is wrong only proves there is a treasure of knowledge waiting to be opened, however, the only way to get to it, is by changing the strict patterns that are set into place by scholars in the century.

This is a huge discovery, it demonstrates a mysterious connection (mentioned by several researchers in previous years) between atoms that make up everything, galaxies, and even the human body, everything is connected. It also offers a piece of evidence supporting vortex mathematics, the Toroidal flow and the connection between the universe and living organisms. You are a part of everything. You are a part of the universe.


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