Lonely Orangutan Shares Carrots With Other Primates In The Zoo [Video]

Credit: LA Times

No human wants to live their lives in a cage, so why would an animal? This rings especially true for orangutans and chimpanzees, primates that share around 90 percent of the same DNA as humans. Because both have advanced emotions and social abilities, keeping them locked up in cages takes a toll on their well-being. The footage below is evidence of this.

In the video, a sad-looking orangutan at the Phoenix Zoo in Japan is given some carrots to munch on. He then sees his chimpanzee neighbors interested in the snack. Rather than be greedy, the orangutan — aptly named Happy — shares the carrots with his nearby friends.

Watch the video below:

Studies have shown that approximately three-quarters of primates die within the first 20 months of living in zoos. Additionally, only a small percentage of animals showcased in exhibits are kept for conservation purposes. While the treatment animals receive largely depends on the zoo, it doesn’t remedy the fact that the establishments are prisons to those they contain.

After watching the video above, one might decide that apart from conservation purposes, there is no justification for keeping wild animals in captivity. All creatures desire to live free, and once this truth is acknowledged, the world will be a drastically different place.

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