New Google Pixel Buds Can Translate 40 Languages In Real Time

Credit: Google

While traveling, have you ever found yourself unable to communicate with locals or even other tourists? It’s not a pleasant feeling, which is why Google’s new “Pixel Buds” are a total game-changer.

The innovative earbuds were recently revealed at an event in San Francisco — the same place Google unveiled its new Pixel 2 phone. One of the reasons they caught everyone’s attention is because they work similarly to the Babel Fish from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. The fictional creature feeds on brain waves and translates languages in real time. Fortunately, an easier — and, some might argue better — solution to a critter crawling in your ear has been developed.

The Pixel Buds are wireless, similar to Apple’s Air Pods. They sit in your ear and can sync with any Bluetooth device, but are best with Google’s Pixel 2 phone. When connected to the internet, a traveler can use the Pixel Buds to translate 40 languages in real time. The earbuds have matching charging case which can power them multiple times with its 620mAh battery. One charge is good for up to 24 hours of listening time.

Credit: Google

To use them, just hold the right earbud and say, “help me speak French,” for example. The buds will then play the translation out loud in French. As The Verge reports, if someone speaks to you in French, the buds will then play the translation in your ear.

Said Google in a blog post, “It’s like you’ve got your own personal translator with you everywhere you go.” Incredibly, there appears to be almost no lag with the technology. That means it is finally possible to communicate with ease when you travel or have foreign guests over for dinner.

Google is not the first company to offer this technology. Skype and a start-up called Pilot have both developed speech translations. Google’s Pixel Buds stand apart because they translate in real-time, however. In addition, the translations are very accurate — not to mention affordable. The Pixel Buds are expected to retail for just $159.

Credit: Google

For a technology that could change the world in a big way, Google was quite nonchalant about the reveal. Nonetheless, tech fans and global explorers are anticipating the release of the buds, which is to take place in November.

Watch the video below to learn more:

Via The Verge

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