Pay Attention to The Omens: 10 Signs You Might Be A Witch

The word ‘witch’ is often associated with a list of negative stereotypes, painting a picture of an old woman with a large nose, countless warts, and an evil, manipulative disposition. Stories are told of vengeful witches, scaring children or even going as far as eating them.

“Witches don’t look like anything. Witches are. Witches do.”

  • Franny Billingsley Chime

The truth is, a modern witch is a balance of both good and evil, light and dark. They possess a great deal of power and beauty and are highly intelligent. A witch is highly in tune with her body and her soul, understanding the deepest parts of herself and what drives her ambition. She draws strength and wisdom from self-reflection, capable of creating a balance within her mind, body, and soul that others will struggle their whole lives in an effort to obtain.

“Where there is a woman, there is magic.”

  • Ntozake Shange

Witches are highly in tune with nature, and this connection provides them with the power, understanding, and balance to use their natural gifts of birth, transformation, healing, and rebirth. They honor the earth around them, understanding that all things in life are connected, and thus killing off the environment would be, in a sense, killing off a piece of themselves.

Does this describe you? Watch for these 10 internal and external omens:

Internal Omens:

  1. You have a deep, powerful sexual energy. The first and second chakras of the body act as the root of your power, and with that comes a heightened level of creativity. Combine that with your raw ambition and very few people could keep up with you.
  2. You are not only comfortable with the darkness but find that you are able to draw a feeling of comfort and sustenance from the shadows in your life. You acknowledge that life requires a balance of both light and dark, and thus the presence of darkness will strengthen your own light and power.
  3. While you value the opinions of others, you know that the most powerful gift you were given is your intuition. Following your instincts will lead you on the right path.
  4. You are aware of what you truly desire, and have the courage to pursue it. While you acknowledge that there are going to be challenges and struggles throughout your journey, you are driven to press on.
  5. You have the ability to communicate with a variety of beings both from this realm and others. Listening to these beings, including star beings, animals, elementals such as fairies or elves, and angels, will help to direct your life decisions.

External Omens:

  1. You find that most of your wardrobe consists of black and gray. Black has long been associated with mysterious feminism, and gray is linked to wisdom.
  2. You are drawn to a number of healing related topics including, but not limited to, herbalism, crystals, tarot, astrology, energy work, sacred geometry, alchemy and other forms of divination.
  3. You believe in magic. You highly respect and honor the relationship that exists between the inner and outer worlds, and are able to see the power that this relationship creates.
  4. You actively follow the cycles of the moon and the seasons, allowing them to guide your life. You may even take part in rituals associated with the moon cycles and the changing of the seasons.
  5. The concept of community draws you in, creating a feeling of safety and comfort. You are drawn to other witches and desire to spend your time surrounded by them.

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