Could Non-Human DNA Be Giving You Special Abilities?… The RH Negative Blood Type

The term Rhesus Negative is used when certain blood types are missing what is known as the Rhesus Factor, a protein normally found in human red blood cells. What could this mean?

  Theories suggest very exciting ideas surrounding the origin of this blood, and the humans that possess it. Some say these people are direct descendants of Jesus himself, while others are convinced of a more sinister origin… Alien alteration of human DNA!

People with RH Negative blood types have most certainly proven themselves to be unique. Some common found traits among them are, extreme awareness both emotionally and mentally, a sensitivity to heat, light colored eyes, red hair, and these people tend to have higher than average IQ’s. The majority of humans with RH negative blood are found to be of Northern European descent. However, only 15% of the ENTIRE human race is RH negative, 1% of those being of Asian descent, and 3% being of African-American descent. In the RH negative blood type O, these people can donate blood to any other type, yet can only safely receive blood that is RH negative O. They’re bodies will completely reject the blood cells, and begin to attack them. More suspicion arises when we see what happens in the womb of RH negative  women who become pregnant. Sadly and insanely if the fetus possesses RH positive blood, the mothers body will begin to reject and attack her own baby.

A study conducted recently reported that in today’s society there are four commonly found blood types. These are A, AB, B and O. Proteins located within the cells determine which type of blood someone has. However RH negative blood does not contain any sign of these proteins. Is it possible Aliens influenced this RH negative blood? One scary fact is that nearly all of the people who admit to being abducted by aliens have RH negative blood.

Ancient cultures all across our planet have depicted alien life in many ways. They have shown deities coming down to their people, sharing knowledge, power, and love in they’re artwork.  They have noted what they learned in hieroglyphs and ancient scrolls. The stories of old times, being passed down generation to generation, as a beacon of knowledge to not be lost with time. Maybe RH negative blood is proof of these stories, and beliefs, and our history as humans. Maybe on the inside, we are all aliens.

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