Scared Of Spiders? This Animated Video Will Cure Your Arachnophobia [Video]

Are you the type of person who, after seeing an itty bitty spider, freaks out? If so, there’s a cute animated video you need to watch. In fact, it may just be the “cure” to your arachnophobia.

Joshua Slice — who has worked on “Zootopia,” “Epic,” and “Frozen”, to name a few — recently created a short animation video that features an adorable spider named Lucas. Reportedly, Slice asked his nephew, who is also named Lucas, to do the voice acting.

“This is an animation test of a character I’ve been working on,” Slice wrote. “I’m responsible for the design, modeling, rigging, animation, lighting, and rendering.”

The quirky result turned out to be great! Hopefully, Pixar turns this concept into its own feature film.

Will a spider with tiny paws remedy your arachnophobia? There’s only one way to find out…

Watch the animated film below:

5 Reasons to Love Spiders

What did we tell you, Lucas the Spider is adorable, right? Regardless if you agree, here are 5 reasons we should all love spiders — not fear them.

  1. Though most spiders aren’t known for their social behavior, it is a fact that female whip spiders snuggle their babies. Two-armed hugs feel great, so imagine how good an eight-legged one is!
  2. Spiders have to be gymnasts of a sort to spin their webs. But did you know — golden wheel spiders actually escape their predators by cartwheeling.
  3. The males of certain species of spiders pluck their webs like a guitar to attract females. That’s pretty romantic!
  4. Can spiders be vegetarian? Yes, according to new research published in Science News magazine. Apparently, there is a “cruelty-free” spider living in Mexican — the first vegetarian species to be discovered.
  5. Spiders are helpful to humans! They eat pesky household bugs, as well as garden insects that might want to eat your plants.

These are just a few reasons we should all appreciate spiders.

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Source: Bored Panda

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