Scientist Find That Everything Is Energy And Reality Isn’t What We Think It Is

Can awareness be aware of itself? 

When you hear a voice, an electrical impulse is sent from your ear to your brain and your consciousness gives it meaning. What is reality? Who am I and who is asking the question? 

Surprisingly Quantum physics is revealing answers that are serving to confirm the ancient knowledge of Shaman and Yogis. It is understood with this new science that a sort of merger between science and metaphysics has been made. We are made of atoms, just like our environment. And according to M-theory at the very core of atoms exist ’Strings’, which are vibrating strings, essentially pure energy. Therefore this is an energetic world existing in Ether/Space. The story of Adam and Eve is the story of matter and space, Atom, and Ether. 

With the advent of Particle accelerators, experiments have been carried out since 1930. The results yielding evidence that we live in an energetic world. The experiments consist of smashing photons, electrons, and such particles together. These collisions of particles have proved what their composition is made of, which is energy.

The double slit experiment showed us that consciousness affects the outcome of the experiment, it also taught us that electrons and photons behave like both waves and particles. 

Quantum Entanglement is a theory that states everything in the universe is connected, this is what A. Einstein called ‘spooky action at a distance’ because when two particles interacted they instantaneously influenced each other no matter the distance. 

Taking into consideration the Big Bang theory and that we all share the same origins, it is certainly an amazing thought to realize that we are all made up of ancient stardust. In the mass that composes all matter, is contained information that makes up our consciousness. This singular origin may be the link to our shared consciousness, that creates our reality.

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