Scientists Discover Biophotons In The Brain Proving Our Consciousness Is Directly Linked to Light!

Illuminatingly (much pun intended), scientists now suspect that the human brain’s neurons are capable of communicating through light. More specifically, research indicates that neurons in mammalian brains can produce photons of light—or biophotons. Surprisingly, the photons appear within the visible light spectrum, and range from near-infrared to violet (200 to 1,300 nanometers).

our brain might have optical communication channels


What’s more, when optical communication occurs, biophotons are impacted by quantum entanglement; sometimes there is a strong link between photons which can be likened to consciousness, or even to spirit. In multiple experiments, rat brains passed one biophoton per neuron per minute, which means human brains should be able to convey over one billion biophotons per second. Of course, this compels one to ask whether or not there is a direct relationship between the amount of light which can be produced and communicated and the degree of total consciousness which a being possesses.

the more light one can produce


If the aforementioned hypothesis is true—and there is a close relationship between biophotons, light, and consciousness—then it turns out that there is definitely a lot more that human beings need to learn and study about light in general. Ancient texts and religions report that saints are enlightened individuals who possess shining circles above their heads, including texts of Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, and Christianity.shining circle in the form of a circular glow around their heads

However, this shining circle may just have been a result of high consciousness, although this in itself would support the idea of a correlation between biophotons and consciousness. Indeed, the word enlightenment does inherently suggest this connection as well.

enLIGHTenment suggests that this higher consciousness has something to do with light


Yet, perhaps the most notable point of all is that our brains can generate light at all—or that our consciousness and spirit might not be contained within our bodies. As per quantum entaglement, two entangled photons can instantly react (or interact) if one of the photons is impacted, regardless of where the other photon is in the Universe. If you extrapolate, you may begin to question whether there is a world within light itself, and whether distinct photons might be portals which allow communication between different worlds. Moreover, it may even be possible for our spirit and consciousness to communicate with bodies by way of biophotons.

Quantum Entanglement

This could explain the phenomenon of states of photons being affected by conscious observance; perhaps our observation communicates through our biophotons with a photon which is being observed. Indeed, light is one unified substance which is scattered through the Universe, and which might be impacted by each individual particle of light.

It’s far from an open-and-shut case, but truly comprehending what consciousness is and where consciousness comes from wouldn’t be nearly as mysterious—or as fascinating—if this wasn’t always the case, regardless.




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