It goes without saying that human beings should be careful with who they choose to sleep with, but it turns out that there is even more at stake in this situation aside from honour, dignity, and (potentially) virginity; during sex, you and your partner’s intimate, aural energies intertwine with one another, so you take on some of their energy and they take on some of yours. What’s more, this energy exchange becomes stronger the more times it is allowed to take place, and you could be taking on not only your partner’s energy, but also some of the energy that is still a part of theirs as a result of previous intimate encounters with other individuals. So, it also turns out that that old Lisa Chase Patterson saying was truer than anyone has ever realized: “I always say, never sleep with someone you wouldn’t want to be.”

More specifically, OBE sex (or astral sex), physical sex, and oral sex have all been shown to make the aforementioned energy exchanges possible. If you sleep with positive, productive, genuine individuals, then some of their energy should be absorbed into your energy and body, and these positive traits of your own should be meaningfully enhanced. And if your partner has slept with many genuine individuals before you, aside from possibly being jealous, you should also benefit from all the positive energy from those encounters as well. Of course, the same notion is true if you sleep with negative individuals who have slept with many other negative individuals—so, again—be careful who you sleep with!

In the past, Christians have referred to aural connections as “soul ties,” and these connections have also been referenced throughout texts on Tantric Sex. Luckily, the negative effects of this phenomenon are reversible. Just like it is possible to wash dirt off your hands, it is also possible to clean negative thoughts, feelings, emotions, and experiences from your body, and from your energy. In order to clean-out your energy, you need to practice aura cleansing, as outlined below.

Bathe with Epsom salts.

Water is capable of washing dirty energy as well, and Epsom salts will help spark an energy exchange and clear psychic leftovers from your aura.


Again, the more water, the more aura cleansing; the salt and minerals in water alone are enough to promote the cleansing of psychic debris.

Bathe in sunlight.

Soaking up sunlight for only a few minutes (which is best anyway, unless you have sunscreen handy) will boost your flow and exchange of energy. Some lower vibrations cannot resonate after being exposed to sunlight, and these are some of the vibrations you’d be better off without.

More specifically yet, there are four distinct techniques which enhance the flow and exchange of energy to even greater extents (as outlined below).

#1: Aura Meditation.

Although common forms of meditation will certainly be positive, aura meditation (which involves grounding) is especially effective pertaining to energy channels and chakras. It’s something that really needs to be experienced rather than read about—so please give it a try!

#2: Aura Healers.

An aura healer can definitely speed-up the process of exchanging whatever negative energy you possess for more positive energy. They are capable of releasing blocks of negative energy at a time: Google “Reiki” to begin your search for qualified aura healers in your area.

#3: Aura Readers.

These individuals are capable of performing clairvoyant readings in which you will successfully differentiate between the energy inside you which is yours, and the energy inside which is actually someone else’s; it becomes easier to release negative energy once you are aware that it is not yours to own.

#4: Feel emotions.

The more you feel, the easier it will be to release it. Simple—but far from easy.

Alternatively, there are other options that might be more accessible to you which can also enhance the health of your aural energy:


Stand with your body spread open and negative energy will slowly wick away with the breeze—even more so in a sea breeze, due to the salts and minerals in the spray.


Proper gardening equates to grounding, and the results will be just as positive and beneficial.

Being Creative

Creativity promotes energy flow so much it becomes possible to release entire blocks of negative energy at a time.

Checkout the Aura Cleansing website for even more insights and advice!
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