Shape-shifting UFO seen by multiple witnesses over the United Kingdom

Residents of Cornwall in the UK spotted a mysterious, levitating, shape-shifting UFO in the sky. Numerous images and videos emerged, causing a heated debate on Social Networks.

Are UFO’s real? This question is perhaps one of the most asked and debated about subjects of the 21st century. Like never before, millions of people around the world have reported seeing something in the sky they cannot explain. It’s not a bird, it’s not a plane, and no, it’s not Superman.

So, what on Earth did residents of Cornwall report seeing? According to reports, several witnesses around the area near Cornwall reported seeing flickering objects in the sky.

Bystanders reported seeing odd shapes in the sky and a blackish object hovering in the sky, appearing to morph into different shapes and sizes, almost as if it were moving in a circular pattern while ‘levitating’ in the sky.

Since everyone carries a smartphone these days, many bystanders managed to record the mysterious occurrence and decided to post it on social networks hoping to get to the bottom of the mystery.

So what did residents see in the sky?

A surfer who happened to be enjoying the waves caught the mystery UFO on his GoPro camera. He, however, wasn’t the only one. Another man who happened to be at the beach went on twitter in order to find out whether someone else had seen what he had seen in the sky: a mysterious object that apparently had the ability to ‘morph’ into different shapes and sizes.

The same day others witnessed the morphing UFO in the sky. A photographer managed to snap an image of the object and even posted a short clip on Twitter after he saw the object in the sky while driving on the A30.

The mysterious clip seems to show a strange object appearing and disappearing while changing shapes in seconds.

What the?! Is this an alien spacecraft over the A30? Tweeted Shayne House who managed to record the event.

But more people witnessed the enigmatic object in the sky the following day. Countless people rushed to social networks to share their images and videos of the strange object in the skies near Cornwall.

Another Twitter user, Trudi Holden, managed to snap a video of a strikingly similar object near Roche Rock.

Trudi wrote on Twitter: What on Earth is this in the sky? Just spotted it over Roche Rock?! #ufos #ufosighting #ufovideo #spacecraft #alienlife #area51#ufocornwall

The sighting continues throughout the day.

A blogger by the name of Stephany apparently recorded the same UFO, changing shapes while floating in the sky as she was heading for the hair appointment.

She also tweeted: filmed this in Truro today before my hair apt… can someone, please explain?  #ufocornwall

People were confused, but apparently, it’s not proof that aliens are out there, or over the skies over Cornwall for that matter.

Despite the fact that many believed they had seen a real UFO hovering over Cornwall, the Eden Project went on Twitter and dismissed the claims saying that they were responsible for the mass hysteria among residents at Cornwall.

The Eden Project—a planet and exhibition center—at Cornwall debunked the UFO claims saying that the mystery Black Object was part of their New Journey into Space attraction.

To clear things up, a spokesman for the center released a statement concerning the Cornwall UFO sighting.

Following UFO sightings across Cornwall this week, we’ve just seen this flying over our Biomes! #ufocornwall posted The Eden Project on Twitter.

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