Suffering From Headaches & Anxiety? Lavender Lemonade is the Cure You Need

Lavender oil does wonders for your health and wellness, and is a must-have essential oil for your home. While it is a gentle oil it is also a powerhouse of properties with extraordinary healing powers. It’s properties include being antiseptic, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, sedative, detoxing, and so on. Lavender oil also benefits mental health as a natural antidepressant and is known to reduce anxiety and ease the nerves. Due to this it is also used by students taking important tests and even patients in pre-surgery going through the stress and anxiety before their procedure. What’s more? Lavender can also target specific symptoms like hangovers, headaches, pain, sinus congestion, and much more.

While lavender oil’s healing properties have traditionally been demonstrated through the olfactory route, little did we know that ingesting it in small amounts can also have several benefits and healing properties.

For instance, a few drops of lavender oil can be just the cure you need for a headache and even anxiety. And some of the best ways to reap the benefits of this miracle oil are as follows.

Lavender lemonade
To make a jug full of lavender lemonade, you need:
6 lemons
A cup raw honey
1 drop of lavender essential oil
12 cups of water
A few lavender sprigs to garnish

Once you have all these all you just have to mix all of these together and you can soon bid that headache goodbye. This is best enjoyed cold.

Add 5-6 drops of lavender oil into your bath tub and enjoy a soothing bath that’s also healing your headache and calming your nerves.

Add 10-12 drops of lavender oil with enough water into a diffuser. Reap the benefits of the soothing lavender aroma in your otherwise stressful environment.

Body oil
Add 2 drops of lavender oil to a body oil of your choice (if you don’t have a preference go for coconut, almond, or olive oil). Massage your skin with this to not only cure anxiety but also improve skin and get rid of insects.



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