The Effects Lack of Sex Have On Your Body & Brain

Aside from desire and pleasure, sex is essential to healthy life. Regardless of moral, religious, or inherent beliefs, the human body needs to experience sex in order to function as well as the Universe intends it to. Please read the following list so you’re 100% aware of why sex is so important for every person.

#1: Lack of sex drive.

When you stop having orgasms, your body stops desiring orgasms as much. However, as alluded to, this also means that your body misses out on the health benefits associated with sex. If you ever lack a partner, masturbation can definitely deliver health benefits as well, and it will also enhance your sexual ability the next time you do get lucky.

#2: Enhanced sex dreams.

An article in World of Chemicals supports a dream analysts report which argues that people who aren’t having much sex tend to experience vivid sex dreams. I guess this is a positive thing, except not when you consider that you could be experiencing your dreams in reality instead.

#3: Arousal may become more difficult.

It may take longer for deprived men to get hard when they do find a partner, and it may be more difficult for women to get wet if they’ve gone long periods between partners. Again, masturbation will help, but you should still take it easy once you do finally get lucky again: baby steps.

#4: You’ll become more self conscious.

Happiness and acceptance stems from chemical reactions in your brain, so by not receiving these chemicals naturally via sex, a chemical imbalance ensues. This often results in depression and a loss of confidence, which can make your streak even harder to snap.

#5:  It doesn’t tighten anything.

It’s a myth that abstinence causes women to become tighter due to lack of ongoing coitus. Tightness is not influenced by frequency of sex, and a hymen does not grow back. The tissues of the vagina may have difficulty relaxing if you go a long time without sex, but this won’t be a long term issue.

#6: You’ll become more stressed.

Without sex, negative feelings can get pent-up and this can cause stress to magnify. This can result in headaches, lack of sleep, difficulty eating, or intense dreams. This is your body’s way of telling you to be happy (and have sex!).

#7: Risk of UTIs and STDs decreases.

This is another one of the few positives to not having sex often. UTIs (urinary tract infections) are caused by bacteria transferred during sex (especially from the anus), so this is why they are specifically reduced in frequency (in addition to sexually transmitted diseases and viruses). Yet, keep in mind that it is possible to get STDs and UTIs from nonsexual contact.

#8: Your immune system will deteriorate.

Sex strengthens the immune system by boosting the Immunoglobulin chemical, and this makes it much easier for your body to fight-off colds, flus, and other illnesses. This study highlights the immune system’s response to sex.

#9: Cardiovascular health may decline.

A steady sex life is connected to cardiovascular health, and lack of sex eliminates that hormonal and aerobic boost. However, if you vent your sexual frustration by working out then you may be able to compensate somewhat.

#10: Your mental abilities could improve.

Studies have shown that sexual activity increases neuron growth in the hippocampus, so this still isn’t a reason to stop having sex. Yet, it is comforting to contemplate if you’re ever going through a temporary dry spell.


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