The Habits Of Different Girlfriends Based On Their Zodiac Sign, Which One Is Right For You?

Our fates lie in the stars — and this includes the fate of our relationships. What zodiac sign might make for the best Girlfriend for you?

1 . Sagittarians are their own biggest critics. In a relationship, they are supportive and motivating, and seek to uplift you with their love. Trust and loyalty are their most cherished qualities.

2. Pisceans may seem introverted at first meeting, but are more often intensely sensitive people. Natural empaths, they pick up on emotions and use their intuition to guide their relationship choices.

3. Capricornians are dominant perfectionists. Often difficult to read, they are loyal to a T and will always have your back in an argument or disagreement.

4. Librans are kind-hearted, and attempt at all times to maintain balance. They strive for positivity, and are often tremendous givers in relationships. They are one of the most social signs of the zodiac, which can lead to feelings of jealousy if left unchecked.

5. Geminis are driven by opposing forces. One day extroverted and outgoing, the next they may wish only to stay inside and read a book. Seeing both sides of all issues, they can be great mediators.

6. Aquarians value independence over almost everything, so relationships can be scary for them. However, they see your flaws as beautiful, sacred parts of you; the flip side, is that they don’t love their own faults and often overthink issues.

7. Leos are bold, giving romantics with giant expectations of their lives. Loving the spotlight, they can be somewhat difficult to deal with in large groups without being caught up in their play. Most Leos don’t have a high tolerance for frustration.

8. Cancerians are guarded by nature, but with a soft, tender heart. They will often push people away when threatened with hurt, which is your sign to give them their own time and still express your love tenderly.

9. Taureans are known as heart-breakers because of how intensely focused they become on their own goals. They always move at their own pace, and are generally satisfied with life whether in a relationship or not.

10. Arieans seek control and dominance in almost every situation. Their strong personalities can be attractive, if at times overwhelming. Tough on the outside, their inner feelings are often very sensitive.

11. Virgos are extremely self-critical, which can often lead to a difficulty in proving your love to them. They are the “purest” zodiac sign, and as such are often seen in the role of The Muse.

12. Scorpios are often labeled “control freaks”, but this misses the mark somewhat. They are strong, and dark, and foreboding — often difficult to find love with, but unequivocally powerful as your partner once the relationship is consummated.


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